Diaper wearing craigslist pervert busted again

Eric Carrier

Eric Carrier

NH man accused of using Craigslist to entice adult caregiver:

I’m sure a lot of you recently heard the story about 24-year-old Eric Carrier of Hampton, New Hampshire. He was recently arrested on indecent exposure charges for pretending to be a brain injured man who couldn’t dress himself. He allegedly placed an ad on craigslist looking for a home healthcare worker to assist him when all he really wanted is someone to flash his junk at.

Not only is this not the first time that Carrier has been arrested for this he’s not even the first guy to be arrested for the old ‘change my adult diaper’ trick.

As I said in my last post about Carrier you may think he’s just a harmless freak but if you have to trick someone into helping you with your sexual fetish you’re not that far away from throwing victims into your windowless van. Does anyone really expect anything different from the unmoderated craigslist?

Yet another diaper wearing pervert on craigslist

Eric Carrier

Eric Carrier

Police: Man faked brain injury to get diaper changed:

For the third time in this site’s history we have yet another story of some perv getting busted for trying to get a home health aide to engage in his diaper fetish. This time the ‘man’ in question is 23-year-old Eric Carrier of Hooksett, New Hampshire.

Like the other two Carrier allegedly placed an ad on craigslist posing as his father saying that Carrier had a brain injury and needed assistance. Except there was no father and no brain injury.

Allegedly Carrier exposed himself to a nurse who responded to the ad.

When no one called the nurse back to schedule future appointments, she called police to report what happened.

Carrier turned himself in. I guess he didn’t need any assistance in getting to the police station.

A lot of people are probably going to say what Baby Eric did was harmless but think of it this way. If you have to trick someone into helping you with your sexual fetish you’re not that far away from throwing victims into your windowless van.

Thanks to Courtney for the tip.

UPDATE 8/1/2011: Police say that more people have come forward to say that Carrier did the same thing to them as well.

OKC man admits to conning people on craigslist to change his diaper


Oklahoma City man admits conning baby sitters by posing as autistic and wearing diapers:

While we may be celebrating the demise of the erotic services section worldwide let’s not forget that there are still dangerous predators out there on craigslist.

For example there is 21-year-old Mark Anthony Richardson Jr. of Oklahoma City. He conned people on craigslist into thinking that he was Autistic and needed constant diaper changing. Except Richardson didn’t have any kind of digestive problem, he was in it for his own sexual gratification.

The diminutive Richardson (4’9″) would respond to baby sitting ads on craigslist posing as the father of an autistic 19-year-old boy who still wore diapers and drank formula from a bottle. Now I’m not a medical expert and I don’t know a lot of people with Autism but I’ve never heard tell of this kind of behavior with people who are afflicted with it.

Anyway Richardson would get off from crapping himself and being changed and in one instance he grabbed the breast of an 18-year-old girl who was the daughter of one of his baby sitters.

Not surprisingly Richardson is on probation for arson charges. You know that some experts say that arsonists have severely screwed up sexual problems right?

Anyway being the baby that he is Richardson has his mommy defending him…

His mother said Friday he needs psychological help at a mental institution, not to be sent to a hard-core prison with murderers and rapists who could kill him. She would not disclose her name.

“He has some mental disabilities. He’s had them since he was born,” she said. “This is not your average, everyday, walking-the-street citizen. … He lives in a fantasy, not a reality.”

No, he’s a firebug pervert who was a short trip away from becoming a full-blown rapist.

Seriously people. Don’t advertise your baby sitting services on craigslist. That’s like the Road Runner advertising himself in the Coyote Times.

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly if you’re me, Richardson was not the first craigslist pants crapper. That honor belongs to one Sean Kelly of Florida.

Thanks to April and Nicole for the tip.

Grandma’s Meth Lab

Grandma’s meth found in baby’s diaper:

In Sidney, Michigan police arrested 5 adults for having a meth lab in their house. Among those adults were Lorri Compo and her main squeeze Roman Sobie. Also present at the drug raid was Compo’s 1-year-old grandson Steven Rish Jr. After the bust Steven was released to his paternal grandmother who found a baggie of meth in his diaper.

Steven’s mother also lives at the residence and wasn’t home at the time of the raid. She claims she had no idea meth was being cooked in the house. I’m a little leery of that because meth productions causes a distinct odor. But she hasn’t been charged with a crime so that’s neither here nor there.

This is just further evidence of the trashification of our society. Grandmother’s are supposed to bake apple pies not cook meth.

Thanks to Leah for the tip.

Man leaves 3-year-old in diaper for over a month

Boy Left In Old Diaper, Critical In Pittsburgh Burn Unit:

34-year-old Jesus Rodriguez of Greensburg, PA was arrested after it was discovered his 3-year-old son had caustic burns on his body. The child got the burns because his idiot father hadn’t changed his diaper in over a month. His 4-year-old daughter also has redness and marks on her body.

Of course Rodriguez’s apartment was strewn with garbage, old food, and what the article called ‘waste’.

And if you’re wondering where the mother is she’s currently in jail.

I’ll be honest here. I never had any kids of my own that were diaper age. I inherited two wonderful step-kids when they were 8 and 11. However even I know that a diaper needs to be changed more than once a month. Hell, it may even need to be changed more than once a day.

When neglect of this magnitude happens the breeders should have their parental rights terminated and any future parental rights forfeited.

Thanks again to LadyJade for the tip.