Man loses stepson while searching for drugs

Police: Man leaves boy in car, looks for drugs:

Dino Vicente of Coopersburg, Pennsylvania allegedly went to the Kensington section of Philadelphia to score some drugs. I use to live one neighborhood over from Kensington, it’s not hard to find drugs there.

Anyway police say that Vicente found some drugs, took said drugs then forgot where he parked his car. You know, the car that had his 6-year-old stepson in it. This was around 9PM. I don’t even like going into Kensington during the day but then again I’m not an addict.

Vicente finally gave up and flagged down Philly’s finest. It wasn’t until 6:30 when the car and the boy were found.

Considering this happened in Kensington I’m surprised that the car wasn’t up on blocks by time they found it…and on fire.

Luckily the boy was unharmed.