Shoulder pressure

Mother Accused Of Stabbing Disabled Son 35 Times:

Pouty McBitchface over there is Robin Foster of Mansfield, Connecticut. She’s been arrested for stabbing her 16-year-old disabled son 35 times. 32 times in the back and 3 times in the chest.

At first she tried blaming a teen from the neighborhood. No word on if Foster is originally from South Carolina. If you get that joke +1 for you.

Police say she eventually admitted to police that she killed her son because she’s a lazy bitch. Not her exact words. Those were more like “she wanted the pressure of taking care of him off her shoulders”. If she thought that was pressure wait until she gets to lock up.

Surprisingly and thankfully the boy is hospitalized but alive.

We can only pray that he’ll get a real caretaker.

Thanks to Yarbz.