Return of The Pimpinella: Now charged with child porn

Alex Pimpinella

Alex Pimpinella

Monroeville man facing assault case now charged with child porn:

I’ve posted about the now 24-year-old Alex Pimpinella twice before. Once for being arrested for the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl he met on MySpace and secondly for the alleged rape of a handicapped woman that he met through MySpace.

Now the Monroeville, Pennsylvania man who goes by ‘DJ Krave’ has been charged with possession of child porn. When investigators were going through Pimpinella’s computer for the rape investigation they say they found 200 photos and videos of young girls in explicit positions posing for Pimpinella.

So far Pimpinella has been one lucky son of a bitch. He only got three years probation for the 13-year-old and most of the charges save one were dropped against him for the rape of the handicapped woman. Since child porn usually results in a longer sentence than child molestation here’s hoping that this is the final nail in the luck coffin for this predatory douchebag.

Pimpinella strikes again: Charged with rape of disabled woman

Alex Pimpinella

Alex Pimpinella

More sex crime charges filed against Monroeville man:

Cops: Monroeville Man Rapes Challenged Woman:

I originally posted about 23-year-old Alex Pimpinella of Monroeville, Pennsylvania here. In 2009 he was arrested on statutory rape charges for having sex with a 13-year-old girl that he met on MySpace. He pleaded guilty to statutory sexual assault and was only given three years probation. It seems that Pimpinella, aka DJ Krave, couldn’t wait out the three years before raping again.

This time Pimpinella is accused of twice raping an 18-year-old mentally challenged woman that he met through MySpace. Apparently his ‘type’ are children and the handicapped. You know, the most vulnerable of our society.

This douchebag is a prime example of why sex offenders should be given prison time and not just probation. To sexual predators probation just means that they got away with it. If he had been given a real sentence he would have had one less victim.

While everyone is writing their congress critters about SOPA and PIPA why don’t you also do some real good and write your state government about increasing the penalties for rapists, especially if you live in Pennsylvania.

Pimpinella accused of MySpace rape of 13-year-old girl

Alex Pimpinella

Alex Pimpinella

Monroeville Man Arrested, Accused Of Luring 13-Year-Old On MySpace:

Monroeville man charged in assault on 13-year-old:

Police: Monroeville Man Sexually Assaults Green Tree Girl He Met Online:

That obvious douchebag over there is 21-year-old Alex Pimpinella of Monroeville, Pennsylvania. On MySpace he went by the douchebag name of “DJ Krave”.

Also on MySpace Pimpinella (nice name by the way) is accused of meeting a 13-year-old girl from Green Tree, Pennsylvania on MySpace, picking her up, taking her back to his crib and statutory raping her. And by crib I mean his parents’ basement. No, really.

“Apparently, there’s a basement bedroom where he took her into the basement and had sexual relations with her there,”

To make matters worse the victim may or may not be pregnant.

Think about it parents. Do you really want some douchebag like this climbing all over your 13-year-old daughter? If not you may want to make sure who they’re talking to on MySpace.