No time to clean

No that’s not Dave Mustaine. That’s 26-year-old Brandy Lee Stiles of Summerville, Florida. She was busted on neglect charges for having a filthy home with her two daughters ages 3 and 6.

The house contained garbage, roaches, spiders, spoiled food and yes the always ever present dog feces.

Stiles allegedly said that the home was that way because she did not have time to clean. I wonder which activity it was that she did in fact have time for.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Naked toddlers on big wheel lead to filthy home

bigwheelNaked toddlers lead to filthy home, deputies say:

Two naked toddlers riding on a big wheel in Hillsborough, Florida caught the attention of neighbors who notified police. The kids were pretty far from their home too. When police arrived on the scene they kept knocking on the door but no would answer.

They eventually let themselves in and they found alleged parents 22-year-old Xiomara Diaz and 23-year-old Rafael Ortiz “passed out”. I tried to find an article that said why they were passed out but I couldn’t find one so let your imagination run wild there.

What police also found was the usual house o’ filth complete with dog feces, no food, no beds for the kids and the like. The dogs were chihuahuas by the way.

The best part is that the Breeders tried blaming the kids for the mess.

“They made a statement to one of the deputies that the two small ones mess up things because they’re young and they’re into things,”

Really? Did the two small ones made the dogs crap all over the house and ate all the food and threw the beds out? There was a 3rd child in the house age 5.

All the kids and the dogs were removed from the house and Diaz and Ortiz were arrested on neglect charges.

Thanks to Southern Lady for the tip.

Six inches of trash

riverakindrickCouple Accused Of Abuse, Neglect Of Four Kids:

That charming couple is 32-year-old Anita Rivera and her 30-year-old boyfriend William Kindrick of Sacramento, California. They were arrested on child neglect charges after police found four kids in the home where the floor was covered in six inches of garbage and dog feces.

Police were tipped off when bad boyfriend Kindrick was witnessed beating one of this kids in the front yard.

In my single days I had some pretty unkempt apartments. However I don’t see how anyone can walk around in their own home with half a foot of trash and dog crap covering the floor. I also love how these people have dogs when it sounds like they can’t even take care of themselves.

Thanks to Chantel for the tip.