What happens when you smoke dope and don’t feed your dog

Police: Puppy that ate child was hungry:

This is another follow up from a story I originally posted at Bad Breeders. This one is about 2-month-old Zane Earles from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Back in July he was mauled to death by a Labrador puppy while he sat in his baby swing in the middle of the living room. It turns out that no one in the family bothered to feed the dog at all.

Zane’s FBO, 17-year-old Linzy Earles, allegedly left the baby in the swing so she could sleep. Supposedly she was up until 4am with the baby. Zane’s body was discvered by his grandmother. So the question still remains how did no one hear this going on? I can’t speak for the grandmother but I have a guess as to why Linzy may not have heard it.

She admitted to police that she smoked a bowl a few hours after the baby died. I would lay odds that she smoked some prior to hid death as well.

Thanks to Red Alerts for the tip.