Man tries claiming that child porn was ‘legal nudist pictures’

Man tries claiming that child porn was 'legal nudist pictures'

Donald Herbert Webb Jr.

68-year-old Donald Herbert Webb Jr., of Manchester Township, Pennsylvania, was arrested for allegedly trading child porn on both Twitter and mobile messaging app Kik. The excuse Webb is said to have given police is a unique one but one that’s not unheard of. Webb claims that he is a third generation nudist and that the images he was said to be found in possession of are ‘legal nudist pictures’. Webb reportedly went even as far to tell police that has received images of children that were of a ‘sexual nature’, but Webb claims that he would just pass those along and that he wasn’t ‘into them’. Someone may want to break it to him, that’s also a crime.

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As I previously stated, while I haven’t heard it in a long time, this is not the first time I’ve heard the nudist defense used before. Back in my pre-blogging days, I used a set-top box known as a Web TV in order to access the internet. One of the great features of the Web TV network is that it allowed easy access to the Usenet newsgroups. These were a precursor to message boards and were mostly used for discussions on a particular topic, but could also be used to trade pornography both legal and illegal. One day Web TV cut off access to the illegal newsgroups, and a number of their users complained that they had wrongly blocked access to, you guessed it, legal nudist pictures. The bottom line is that you’re not fooling anyone with that claim. It’s right up there with “you have to tell me if you’re a cop.”

What’s not surprising is that Kik was used in this instance. As I have mentioned in virtually every Kik story I post, Kik is inundated with sex offenders and pedophiles. It’s also a known haven child porn traders. Considering this is a popular app among children, this should be more than a cause for concern.