13-year-old girl hides 19-year-old Facebook boyfriend in closet

Man allegedly hidden in closet of girl, 13, is charged:

13-year-olds are stupid. There, I said it. Come on, think about it. How stupid were you at 13. I would imagine pretty stupid. Teens think they know what love is by the age of 13 and will do the most idiotic things for it.

For example take this girl from Detroit. She met 19-year-old Donald Hunter on Facebook. Hunter was arrested recently for allegedly having sex with the girl. The girl went to the extreme of hiding Hunter in her closet so her mom wouldn’t find out. Mom did find out but more on that in a little bit.

Normally I harp on parents for not monitoring their kids internet activity but this mother did everything she possibly could to keep her daughter away from Hunter.

The girl’s mother heatedly explained today that she tried to stop the relationship after the pair met online last year and she thought the boy was just 15. She canceled her daughter’s Internet service, shut off the girl’s cell phone and pulled her out of one school for another.

Except it seems she met her match in a very headstrong, and stupid, 13-year-old girl. Now before you jump all over me I am not blaming this girl for what happened. Obviously Hunter is a predator who took advantage of a very naive and impressionable girl. But check out what the girl said after Hunter’s arrest…

“(I hope) I get blamed for it and he don’t go to jail,”

She’s too young and naive to know that she had been taken advantage of.

Now on to mom. Like I said she did all she could but her daughter was too determined and with the assistance of predator mom was outnumbered. However she found Hunter in her daughter’s closet and the 32-year-old mom detained this 19-year-old scumbag until police got there.

He’s going to be real popular in lockup. Not only is he a kid toucher but he was basically arrested by someone’s mom.