53 burns and a broken jaw

Parents charged with child endangerment

2 children abused and medical treatment withheld

Sir Smiley face over there is Sterling D. Marshall (28) and that is his main squeeze Donnisha Nelson (22), and quite frankly I am not sure what in the hell he has to smile about.  These two winners were arrested for child endangerment after a call came into the Missouri Child abuse hotline, regarding 2 injured children and medical attention being withheld.  Nice!  I bet you can’t guess why they were not taken for medical treatment…. come on guess, you know the right answer.  Yep, that’s right mom was scared they would accuse her of abusing the babies.  Ummm… excuse me dumbass but the kids are being ABUSED… here’s a novel idea take them to the hospital and get them treated and face the facts that your man is abusing your kids.  WTF!

Poplar Bluff police officers responding to an abuse call arrived at the home of these two and their two children.  After repeatedly knocking and getting no answer and hearing the children crying inside, an officer made entry into the house through an unsecured door.  Inside he found Smiley hiding his coward ass in the bedroom and found mommy with the 2 children hiding in the bathroom.  Upon examination of the children, the injuries reported in the call, were confirmed.  The 23-month-old had been burned and 3-year-old had been struck in the face. 

The children were taken to Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center where they were treated and released.  According to the medical staff, the 23-month-old had serious, 2nd and 3rd degree; burns on several locations on his body, 53 total burns to be exact in different stages of healing.  Twenty-one of them were on just his chest and back.  His brother, 3-years-old, had broken jaw.  WTH!  During an interview with police Mommy reportedly outlined an accidental cause for the injuries.  Jeez, she must be as dumb as her man looks if she thought for one second anyone would believe 53 burns are an accident, come on now!  Get Serious!

Both children have been removed and placed with a relative, who is being monitored by Family Services.  The monitoring is probably a good idea since the two monsters calling themselves parents bonded out! 

Thanks to Shal for the tip