Herrmans sentenced for fraud

Adam Herrman

Adam Herrman

Herrmans sentenced to prison time in fraud case:

The last we heard the adoptive Breeders of Adam Herrman pleaded guilty to fraud for collecting government benefits while Adam was missing since 1999. He wasn’t reported missing until 2008. He went missing at the age of 11 and has not been found. The Herrmans allegedly didn’t report him missing in fear of losing their other children.

When I started reading the article I was pumped to read that they were sentenced to the max. However I was highly disappointed to read that the sentences for Doug and Valerie Herrman were only nine months and seven months respectively.

I hope the authorities in Kansas really turn up the heat in those months to find out what really happened to Adam.

Adam Herrman’s adoptive Breeders plead guilty to fraud

Adam Herrman

Adam Herrman

Herrmans plead guilty to theft:

In case you don’t remember the story of Adam Herrman a then 11-year-old Adam went missing from his adoptive parents’ house back in 1999. However he was never reported missing until his sister reported in back in 2008. Herrman’s adopted parents, Doug and Valerie Herrman, continued to collect government benefits for Adam up until 2005. The benefits exceeded the $50K mark.

Last week the Herrman’s pleaded guilty to defrauding the state of Kansas. No word on what the possible sentence could be but they are scheduled to be sentenced August 1st.

The Herrmans claim that Adam ran away and that the reason they never told anyone was because they were afraid the state would take their other kids away.

Prosecutors say that the Herrmans could still be charged for Adam’s disappearance.

Adam Herrman’s adoptive Breeders charged with fraud

Adam Herrman

Adam Herrman

Adam Herrman’s adoptive parents charged with fraud:

It’s been a while since we last heard anything about Adam Herrman. For those of you who may not know 11-year-old Adam disappeared from his Butler County, Kansas home in 1999. However his adoptive Breeders, Doug and Valerie Herrman, did not report him missing until late 2008. No body has been found however investigators believe that Adam is dead.

However from 1999 to 2005 the Herrmans collected government benefits on behalf of Adam totaling to the amount of $52,800. Today they turned themselves in on charges of welfare fraud.

The Herrmans claim that they didn’t report Adam missing because they feared losing their other children to the state.

Adam Herrman’s adoptive parents are suspects

Prosecutor: parents are suspects in Adam Herrman case:

Butler County (Kan.) chief prosecutor Jan Satterfield announced yesterday that the adoptive parents of Adam Herrman are suspects in his disappearance. No charges have been filed yet against Doug and Valerie Herrman. Ms. Satterfield also hinted that first degree murder charges could be possible.

Adam Herrman’s parents were collecting checks

Parents of Missing Adam Herrman Defrauded State:

And it begins to unravel.

Like I predicted the adoptive parents of Adam Herrman were collecting checks from the government after Adam’s disappearance.

So far the amount of money they collected and for how long has not been determined yet.

Due to past history of situations like this I think this is bad news in hopes of finding Adam alive.

More on Adam Herrman

Missing Boy’s Uncle Blames Sister:

Kevin Bush is the adoptive uncle of Adam Herrman and the brother of Valerie Herrman. He lays the blame for Adam’s disappearance of a decade ago squarely at the feet of his sister. He says that she kept telling him that the state took him away.

He’s also alleging abuse from the Herrman’s on Adam. He says that Adam was locked in the bathroom and forced to sleep there. He theorizes that there was some kind of accident in the Herrman household and that Adam is no longer with us.

He’s also spoken to Valerie Herrman since the story went public and according to him she says she didn’t report Adam missing in fear of losing her other children. How selfish can you get? I still would like to know if the Herrman’s were receiving government benefits for Adam after he disappeared because in the cases of adoptive and foster parents where kids have either died or disappeared under unusual circumstances money is usually at the heart of it. In these cases it can be the root of all evil.

The biological daughter of Adam Herrman’s adoptive parents contacts KSN:

Crystal Herrman is the biological daughter of the Herrman’s. In an e-mail to Kansas TV station KSN she hints that she and brother may have been the ones that tipped off authorities to Adam’s disappearance.

Another unnamed relative of Valerie Herrman has stated that Valerie allegedly said “They can dig up the whole State of Kansas, they’ll never find a body.” That can be taken several ways like maybe they should be looking in Nebraska?

Relatives: Boy Missing for 10 Years Was Abused:

This article from ABC has an age progressed picture showing what Adam may look like today.

The article also states that the Herrman’s were investigated in 1996 and 1998 for allegations of abuse against Adam.

Lawyer: Adoptive parents had nothing to do with boy’s disappearance:

The lawyer for the Herrmans, Warner Eisenbise, is stating that the Herrman’s had nothing to do with Adam’s disappearance and that Adam had a history of running away.

If he had a history of running away he also had a history of being found. Just sayin’.

Adam Herrman

Sheriff: Parents didn’t report boy missing for a decade:

The crime blogosphere and the media has been alight with the story of Adam Herrman. He’s the boy who disappeared at the age of 11 back in 1999 and hasn’t been seen since. The reason it’s so hot in the news right now is because his adoptive parents just recently reported him missing…after almost a decade.

Before I even get started I see this case quickly degenerating into the Nancy Grace type stories. In case you haven’t figured it out by now I despise Nancy Grace and her ilk.

Anyway, the adoptive parents, Doug and Valerie Herrman, have already retained the services of an attorney. When a family does that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Their attorney, Warner Eisenbise, says that the Herrman’s ‘rue the fact’ that they didn’t report Adam missing and they feel very ‘guilty’ and were ‘worried’ about him. Never mind the fact that not doing anything for 10 years make them look guilty as hell. And they may not be. Look at the Ramsey’s. Everybody including me thought they were guilty and just recently police cleared them of any wrongdoing. So the Herrman’s may just be guilty of being stupid.

However the reasons they give for not notifying police are idiotic. They say that Adam would frequently ran away and they just assumed that he was either with his biological parents are he was homeless. Let’s go with the homeless part for a second. So you weren’t worried that your 11-year-old son at the time was living out on the streets. Adam is roughly the same age as my son. Luckily I’ve never had to call police because he was missing. If I did have to I wouldn’t wait 10 damn years.

What I’m curious about is if the Herrmans were receiving any kind of government assistance for being Adam’s foster parents then adoptive parents. That’s where a lot of these cases usually lie.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one but as soon as it enters into Casey Anthony territory I’m out.

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