Idaho trio prostituted teen

Three ID residents charged in underage sex case:

36-year-old Colby Watson, his girlfriend 23-year-old Lindsey J. McKeehan, and 50-year-old Douglas A. Winberry, all from Idaho, have been arrested on charges of having sex with a girl under the age of 16 and for prostituting her out on craigslist.

Police said they received a tip on June 19 that Winberry had pictures of the girl in various sexual poses. A search of his home produced evidence he had sex with the girl and that he advertised her for prostitution on Craigslist, police said.

The investigation led to photo and video evidence of Watson and McKeehan engaging in sexual acts with the girl, and evidence that they also advertised the girl on Craigslist for prostitution, police said.

Alas no mugshots. I’d be curious to see what this freakshow looked like. I bet it wasn’t pretty.

So a girl under 16 is molested, photographed, and pimped out yet some people would like you to believe that she’s not a victim.