Foss shooter sentenced

Foss High School killer gets 23-year prison term:

Douglas Chanthabouly was sentenced yesterday to 23 years behind bars for the shooting death of Samnang Kok. Chanthabouly shot Kok at point-blank range in the halls of Foss High School in Tacoma, Washington back in 2007. No real motive was ever discovered.

Prosecutors had charged Chanthabouly with first-degree murder but the jury convicted him of second-degree murder.

Foss High shooter convicted

Jury convicts killer in Foss High School murder case:

A jury in Pierce County, Wash. has convicted Douglas S. Chanthabouly for shooting and killing Samnang Kok in the halls of Tacoma’s Foss High School.

The jury found Chanthabouly guilty of second-degree murder and rejected the defense’s claim that Chanthabouly was insane at the time of the shooting.

Chanthabouly is looking at a sentence of 15 to 20 when he is sentenced on May 1st.

Foss shooter to stand trial

Insanity claim denied in Foss High shooting:

Pierce County (Wash.) Superior Court Judge Ronald Culpepper has ruled that Douglas S. Chanthabouly can not be declared not guilty by reason of insanity. Culpepper pointed out that Chanthabouly’s actions after he gunned down Samnang Kok in the halls of Tacoma’s Foss High School show that Chanthabouly definitely knew right from wrong.

Chanthabouly had fled the scene and initially denied shooting Kok.

The trial is set to begin on Monday.

Finally a motive in Foss shooting?

Two years later, possible motive revealed in Foss shooting:

I’ve been following the Foss High School shooting from Tacoma for a couple of years now. When it happened Douglas Chanthabouly shot and killed Samnang Kok. That much was never a mystery. What was a mystery was the motive behind the shooting. A lot of people including myself thought the shooting might have been gang related. Now a psychologist is saying that it’s gang related…sort of.

It’s alleged that Chanthabouly suffers from schizophrenia and heard voices. Psychologist Julie Gallagher interviewed Chanthabouly extensively for the prosecution. According to her Chanthabouly shot Kok because he felt that Kok was a gang member that was intent on hurting his family.

However that doesn’t automatically give him a free pass on an insanity plea. Ms. Gallagher also stated that it was clear that Chanthabouly did know right from wrong at the time of the shooting. Considering that Chanthabouly ran away after the shooting and tried to hide the gun means that he knew what he did at the time was wrong.

Even if he is found not guilty by reason of insanity he’ll more than likely be confined in the bug house for life. If he’s convicted of murder he’s looking at 31 years.

Foss shooter found competent once again

Douglas S. Chanthabouly

Douglas S. Chanthabouly

Accused Foss gunman found competent to stand trial:

For the third time Foss High School gunman Douglas S. Chanthabouly has been ruled mentally competent to stand trial.

Chanthabouly is accused of gunning down fellow Foss student Samnang Kok in January of 2007.

Chanthabouly’s defense team will still argue an insanity defense claiming their client has a history of schizophrenia.

If he had such a history why wasn’t anything being done about it?

A tentative trial date has been set for March.

Foss High shooter declared competent

Douglas S. Chanthabouly

Douglas S. Chanthabouly

TACOMA: Defendant in killing at Foss High declared competent to stand trial:

Foss High School gunman, Douglas S. Chanthabouly, has been ruled mentally competent to stand trial in the January, 2007 shooting death of Samnang Kok.

Previously Chanthabouly had been ruled competent, then incompetent, and now after a review by Western State Hospital doctors he’s ruled competent once again.

As far as I can recollect no motive has yet to be divulged in the year-and-a-half old shooting.

Chanthabouly ruled mentally incompetent

Teen charged with fatal Tacoma school shooting found mentally ill:

Douglas S. Chanthabouly is the gunman from Foss High School in Tacoma who fatally shot Samnang Kok last year. The last we heard he was found mentally fit to stand trial. Apparently something happened between August and now because he’s declared mentally incompetent.

His trial was set to start on February 4th but that has been pushed back pending the results of a 90 day judge ordered stay at a mental facility.

Chanthabouly fit to stand trial

Teen declared fit for trial in Foss shooting:

The last we heard anything about the shooting at Foss High in Washington State gunman Douglas S. Chanthabouly was ordered to undergo a psych exam.

A psychiatrist there reported last month that the teen suffers from psychosis, and prescribed a battery of drugs to treat it, according to court documents.

So a judge has ruled that Chanthabouly is fit to stand trial.

Of course his defense team will still more than likely be pursuing an insanity defense.

A psychiatrist hired by the defense has diagnosed Chanthabouly with a “major mental disorder,” John McNeish, one of the two public defenders assigned to represent the teenager, told Superior Court Judge Ronald Culpepper during a hearing.

McNeish did not say from what mental disease his client suffers or what the possible mental defense would be.

They haven’t picked out their mental disease yet.

To successfully argue insanity, his lawyers would have to convince a judge that Chanthabouly didn’t know the difference between right or wrong or couldn’t perceive the nature and quality of what he was doing when Kok was shot.

Good luck with that.

Police search Chanthabouly's backpack

Police search backpack for clues in shooting:

A teacher at Foss High School, where Douglas Chanthabouly, shot Samnang Kok to death, found a backpack belonging to Chanthabouly two days after the shooting. In turn the teacher turned the backpack over to police. Police are hoping to find documents related to motive in the bag.

“The affiant recovered a notebook with “LOC” written inside along with two blue bandanas,” Krause said. “The affiant also observed that the clothes in the closet were mainly blue or black in color. The affiant is aware that the term LOC is commonly associated with a Cambodian gang known as the “Loced Out Crips. Their colors are blue.”

Police are still saying the shooting wasn’t gang related but I still disagree. I’m still betting that Chanthabouly was trying to impress the gang and saw this as a way of getting in. But that remains to be seen.

Not the first time suspect brought gun to school

Shooting suspect allegedly had gun at school before:

It seems that when Douglas Chanthabouly shot Samnang Kok in the halls of Foss High School it wasn’t the first time that Chanthabouly had brought a gun to school.

Police say that Chanthabouly’s brother told them that he had previously seen his brother with other guns at previous times. Chanthabouly’s brother also said that Douglas was not in a gang but liked to hang out with gangs and dressed like them. When police searched Chanthabouly’s home they found three boxes of ammunition, a black carry case for a pistol with a holster and a .38-caliber revolver, notebooks, letters and two blue bandannas.

So he wasn’t a gang member but a gang-wannabe. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that he shot Samnang Kok to try to get some kind of respect the gang.