craigslist rapist arrested in Mass.

Douglas Clark

Douglas Clark

Arrest made in alleged Harwich rape, victim met attacker on Craigslist:

Wow, that is one creepy ass mugshot. Don’t click on it. You won’t be able to handle the large version.

Anyway creepy ass dude is yet another alleged craigslist rapist that constantly seem to be coming out of the woodwork. He is 21-year-old Douglas Clark of South Harwich, Mass.

He’s accused of raping a woman he met on craigslist in the early morning hours of January 8th.

Yet he’s only being held on $5,000 bail.

Um, that’s not a lot of bail for an alleged rapist.

Again craigslist says it’s not their problem.

How long will it take for crimes like these to continue to go on unabated on craigslist until it becomes a complete PR nightmare for them?