Douglas Shields charged with child rape

Douglas Shields

Douglas Shields

Rape, carnal knowledge charges added against Natchitoches man:

Natchitoches Man Charged With Cyber-Stalking Children:

Natchitoches man allegedly involved in child pornography:

While he may look non-threatening Douglas Shields of Natchitoches, Louisiana is said to be a hardcore child predator.

The 46-year-old Shields was originally arrested on April 9th after allegedly soliciting a child for sex over MySpace. Police were then notified by the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children that explicit e-mails were being sent to children all over the Natchitoches area. It wasn’t hard for police to trace the e-mails back to Shields even though he was allegedly using an alias on MySpace.

Shields has been charged with cyber stalking of a juvenile, two counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile and one count of aggravated rape though details of the last two charges have not been made available.

Again the investigators in Natchitoches put it best…

“This investigation proves the fact that parents must monitor their children’s activities on the computer. The typical child molester is no longer a suspicious looking individual, lurking near the school yard, wearing a trench coat. He is now easily able to hide behind an alias and conduct his illegal activity from anywhere in the world,”

Parents are the only true defense in protecting their children from online predators.