Other 2 of Idaho trio plead guilty

Two Meridian men admit to giving meth to 15-year-old girl for sex:

The other two-thirds of the Idaho teen prostitution and meth ring have entered guilty pleas. Previously Lindsey J. McKeehan had entered a guilty plea and was supposed to testify against the other two suspects, Colby Watson and Douglas Winberry. Apparently that was enough for Watson and Winberry to start looking for their own deals.

All three suspects were alleged to have given meth to 15-year-old girl so they could have sex with her and pimp her out on craigslist.

One of Idaho trio pleads guilty

Craigslist prostitution suspect pleads guilty:

I’ve posted about Douglas Winberry, Lindsey McKeehan and Colby Watson of Boise, Idaho before. They’re the trio who are accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl, giving her meth, and pimping her out on craigslist.

Back in August the trio all pleaded not guilty. However Lindsey McKeehan has recently changed her plea to guilty.

The Ada County Prosecutor’s office says Lindsey McKeehan has now plead guilty to two counts of felony injury to a child: one count of giving a teen meth, and then the second charge is for having sexual contact with a teen and letting a man watch.

As part of her plea McKeehan will testify against her ex-boyfriend Watson. Even with her plea she’s still looking at 10 years behind bars.