Mother Murders Toddler for Attention

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Gemma Killeen

Gemma Killeen

Mum Gemma Gaye Killeen charged with murder after toddler drowns:

Gemma Gaye Killeen claims son’s murder was a bid for attention gone wrong:

Gemma Killeen: mother to murderer:

Struggle ends in son’s death:

As I scroll through the news articles, memorial pages, tributes, other sad and unfortunate stories. The one thing that is redundantly clear is that losing a child in any manner is tragic heart wrenching, soul crushing event. One never truly can or wants to understand how profoundly devastating it is to lose a child. Whether it’s your own, your nephew or niece, or many friends children that we count as part of our own “mob” to use Australian slang. Each one of us is precious and valued, our children, our fire, our passion and what truly makes our life’s worth experiencing. For all the horrible things in life, children seem to balance out the Universes scales.

As parents, particularly mothers it becomes our responsibility from the moment we become aware of a pregnancy, loving the life growing inside your body, throughout out our various journeys we all make sacrifices, decisions for our own life’s that affect our children’s. We make decisions directly affecting our children, from their haircuts, to their clothing, to which school they attend. Most parents approach these important decisions with what’s in their child’s best interest at heart. We all have differing opinions on raising children, there are many-a-mummy blog, where you can find varying types of parenting styles. We all have different views on what we find acceptable for our children; we are entitled to raise our children with within these variations of what society deems appropriate. There are some decision’s you will make as a parent some people will not agree with, due to their own personal beliefs or standards, or because the deemed by the majority of society you have made an error in judgment; your decision, for whatever reason is of no benefit to your child, in fact that decision causes detriment. Sometimes these errors in judgment can be minor or sometimes they can be horrendous.

On the 25th of November 2011, Gemma Killeen spent the early part of the day sunbathing at her mother’s home; she also shopped and attended a manicure appointment. At around 5pm that evening she sent texts messages to Eddie Wetere, the father of their son Te Reringa Keyden Ashley Wetere. These texts messages, asking Mr. Wetere when he would be home from work, went unanswered. There are reports the couple had argued the night before after Miss Killeen’s late arrival home from a night out. Upon receiving no response from her on-again-off again lover and the father of her 22 month-old-son Te Reringa, Killeen drove her car and her son to Hillary’s Boat Harbour in Western Australia.

CCTV footage shown in court, has Killeen entering the car park and at approximately 5:30pm. A text message sent to Mr. Wetere went unanswered, Gemma Killeen removed Te Reringa from his car seat and walked with him to the water’s edge where she left him. She returned to her car and drove to the car park at the opposite end of the harbour.

She began making calls to relatives, telling them Te Reringa had been taken or lost. She continued to call and text message Mr. Wetere saying it was urgent. She claimed someone had taken Te Reringa from his pram, while she filled a bottle or got something from the car.

The search began for Te Reringa, at around 6:25pm a couple spotted what they thought was a doll in the water. After the man retrieved Te Reringa from the water he started CPR. The ambulance arrived and transported Te Reringa to hospital where he received his angel wings. 22 months old, and one month short of Christmas Day, it would have been the first he was old enough to experience.


Gemma has stated that she never intended to kill her son by placing him on the rocks at Hillary’s; that she was seeking attention from her lover and Te Reringas’ father by putting their precious child on those rocks, with nowhere else to go, but into water, by walking back to her car, starting it up, driving away. Take a look at those rocks in that photo, and the water, can you picture a 2-year-old boy abandoned?


I don’t know why the fuck she thought this decision was appropriate or in the best interests of her child or why she would consider using her child in a ploy like this to gain attention from Mr. Wetere. Clearly he’d had enough of her shit and wasn’t playing the text message games anymore. Unfortunately for him, and the rest of Te Reringas’ family, Gemma’s attention seeking, narcissistic tendencies and selfish wants, exceeded her need or desire to be a mother, or a decent human being.

And in all those moments she began telling lies, for more attention I can only assume, she wasted vital moments she could have used to change the outcome, to save her child’s life, realize her stupidity and foolish actions before it cost Te Reringa his life.

Instead of being so self-absorbed and demanding attention from a man who clearly couldn’t or didn’t want to answer you why not get excited for Christmas and the second birthday Te Reringa and his family were looking forward to, or getting him home and sorting dinner?

Gemma Killeen murdered her son, she set him upon steep rocks and left him alone to drown in Hillary’s Boat Harbour.

Gemma Gaye Killeen, plead guilty in the murder of Te Reringa Wetere and is serving 13 years to life in prison.

Rest Peacefully Little Man

Te Reringa Wetere

Te Reringa Wetere

Guy with small penis tries to drown daughter

Alleged small penis

Father accused of waterboarding 10 month old:

30-year-old Aaron M. Iacono of Lyons, New York was arrested for trying to drown his 10-month-old daughter. He’s accused of holding his daughters head under a running bath tub faucet for 5 minutes, holding her head under a running sink faucet three times, once hitting her head against the spigot, and allegedly throwing her to the ground.

Being the big man that his is when his wife tried to intervene he choked her and forced her to perform oral sex on him. I don’t know about you but I can’t see how someone can be in the mood after trying to drown your own child.

Iacono’s wife is a Russian mail order bride that he supposedly met on a Mormon website. My experience with guys who get mail order brides is very limited but every report I’ve ever seen on guys like this they all seem like overbearing control freaks with small penises who can’t get a woman on their own without some kind of coercion.

Considering he slammed the baby’s head against a shower head in order to teach her to stop crying the small penis theory seems to fit.

Not surprisingly Iacono is on disability due to ‘mental issues’. Gee, ya think?

With any luck Iacono is going to become somebody else’s male order bride.

Thanks to Sarah G. for the tip.

Goat accused of drowning daughter also accused of rape

Mother Accused Of Drowning Daughter Also Accused Of Rape:

Angel originally posted Anul Ram here. We here at PBB lovingly refer to her as Goat. I also made the comment that her name should be Anal Ram. Turns out that I may have been on to something.

It was released recently by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office that “the murder of Divya Ram was committed by Anul Ram, while the said defendant was engaged in the commission of the crime of rape.”

Divya Ram was 3-years-old at the time of her murder.

I am literally dumbfounded at this latest revelation. I guess even with all the atrocities that I’ve written about once in a while one still catches me by surprise.

Thanks to Marci for the update.

Waterboarded for ABCs

Anger over alphabet ends in arrest:

27-year-old Joshua Ryan Tabor of Yelm, Washington has been arrested for holding his 4-year-old daughter’s head under water in their kitchen sink. Allegedly because the girl wouldn’t recite the alphabet.

Tabor spoke to a Yelm police officer and said that he and his girlfriend had “held her down on the counter and submerged her head into the water three or four times until the water came around her forehead and jawline.” He said that she was face-up when her head was in the water. He added that they gave this punishment for the 4-year-old “refusing to say her letters.”

Tabor told police that his daughter is afraid of water “and was squirming around trying to get away from the water. Joshua did not act as though he felt there was anything wrong with this form of punishment.”

Actually I doubt his girlfriend had anything to do with it since she’s the one who called police after Tabor allegedly…

“was irate, intoxicated and walking around the neighborhood with his Kevlar helmet threatening to break windows.”

Tabor is also accused of abusing the girl and…you know what? You have to read the article to see just how vicious this moron was to his own child. Drowning the girl for the alphabet is only just the beginning.

Thanks to Morrigan for the tip.

Susan Smith demands new trial

Susan Smith Asks For New Trial:

Mother convicted in sons’ deaths wants new trial:

Susan Smith to me is the original and quintessential Bad Breeder, or PBB if you will.

If you don’t know the story Smith was convicted of killing her two kids, 3-year-old Michael Daniel Smith and 14-month-old Alexander Tyler Smith, by strapping them in a car and letting the car roll into a lake.

She supposedly killed her kids because she was in a relationship with a man who didn’t want to have kids. Then on top of it, she went on national TV telling the story that her kids were abducted in a carjacking by a ‘black man’.

Eventually, she confessed to killing her kids and was sentenced to life behind bars. In my opinion, she should have been given the death penalty but here we are.

This all happened in the early ’90s. However recently she has requested a new trial on the grounds that she had inadequate counsel and that the trial was ‘unfair’.

Unfair? You know what was unfair? What was unfair was two kids sliding into a lake inside their car crying for their mother who was more interested in her man than her own flesh and blood.

I don’t care that she was molested as a child.

And do you notice that not once does she regret killing her children? She’s only trying to get out of jail on technicalities.

Bad Boyfriend accused of drowning 2-year-old girl

2-year-old killed: Neighbor talks about suspect, mother’s healing:

2-year-old girl drowns; man charged:

This story happened reasonably local to me last week.

20-year-old Wesley Paul Canipe was baby sitting 2-year-old Lilly Willover of Shelby, NC while her mother was at work.

Canipe says that Lilly was in the bathtub and he just took his eyes off of her for a moment and she drowned. However police say that Canipe drowned Lilly in the bathtub.

So far there has been no motive mentioned.

More importantly though there a fund has been set up to help cover Lilly’s medical and funeral costs.

Donations can be sent to: Lillyan Ray Willover and Family Fund, c/o Marshall Bradley, Wachovia Bank, 213 South Washington St., Shelby, NC 28150.

Thanks to DPW for the tip.

Death sentence confirmed for man who threw kids off of Alabama bridge

Ala. Man Gets Death For Tossing 4 Children From Bridge:

Back in late March I posted about how an Alabama jury recommended the death penalty for Lam Luong. Luong was convicted of throwing four children off the 80-foot-high Dauphin Island Bridge into the Mississippi Sound.

This past week Circuit Judge Charles Graddick made it official by handing down the death penalty for Luong.

As they used to say in olden times may God have mercy on your soul.

Thanks to Misty and IHK2 for the tip.

Houston man over the legal limit kills 5 kids in wreck

Dad charged in 5 kids’ drownings:

32-year-old Chanton Jenkins of Houston, TX was on his cell phone to his girlfriend when the car he was driving went off into a water filled ditch. Two and a half hours after the wreck Jenkins was still blowing a .082 on the alcohol breath test. Police suspect he was also under the influence of drugs. However what makes this story so horrifying is that 5 children drowned in this wreck and the body of one has yet to be found. The term ditch sounds like a misnomer. According to the article Texas EquuSearch is searching a bayou for the remaining victim’s body.

At least 3 of the children belonged to Jenkins. None of the children in the car were secured. Along with Jenkins, Jenkins adult brother and a 10-year-old boy survived. So that makes 8 people in the car and none of the kids were strapped in. Nice driving and parenting skills you assclown.

The victims are listed as 4-year-old Devin Jenkins, 7-year-old Malik Barlow, 11-year-old Dreyton Thompson, 1-year-old Karrinton Jenkins and 4-year-old Hallie Jenkins whose body has not yet been found.

I’m not accusing Jenkins of anything except for being a drunk, possibly an addict, and maybe one of the worst drivers in the world, but as Liz said to me in her e-mail when she sent me this story, that sure is a lot of child support payments in the car.

Jury recommends death for man who threw kids off of Alabama bridge

Jury recommends death for Lam Luong in bridge death case involving 4 children:

I originally posted about Lam Luong here. Back in January of last year he threw his 4 children, who ranged in age from a few months to 3 years, off of the 80-foot-high Dauphin Island Bridge into the Mississippi Sound. He originally told police that someone took his kids but eventually broke down and confessed to police.

This past week a jury recommended that Luong get the death penalty for his crimes. Hopefully the judge will follow that recommendation when he’s sentenced on April 30th.

Thanks to Brittany for the tip.

Baby’s body found in investigation of other baby’s attempted murder

Coroner: No cause of death yet for Belleville infant:

Back in November Elyse Mamino of Belleville, Ill. was accused of giving birth to her daughter in a bathroom at a family party and trying to drown the newborn in the toilet. Luckily the child survived. The state thought it was a good idea to return the baby to Mamino after the baby was released from the hospital.

Normally in these types of stories we’d be reading about how the baby was injured at the hands of the mother but not this time.

While investigating the attempted murder police found the remains of another baby in Mamnio’s residence. The date of death was determined to be sometime in 2007 but the cause of death has not been determined yet.

She’s pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charges.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.