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Hensley told the officer to ‘bring her to me’ because he had a ‘machine’ that he would use to have sex with the child.

(Story broke 6/21/2017) 20-year-old Ed Lamarre, of Miami, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the supposed craigslist killing of 19-year-old Brian Brown in North Miami Beach. Previously it was thought Brown was selling a Playstation on craigslist when he was killed. Now, reports are saying the deal was actually for marijuana. Police …

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Police: Child abuse hotline supervisor sold pot with children in home: If this isn’t like rain on your wedding day I don’t know what is. In Glenville, New York police arrested 39-year-old Kristen Trapalis for selling weed out of her home while three young children, 7 months, 4 year and 6-years, were there. Police confiscated …

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