4-year-old left in freezing car so dad could get with a 13-year-old

Man Leaves Child In Freezing Car While He Visits Teen Girl:

What’s worse than an alleged father that leaves his daughter in a freezing car? How about one that leaves his daughter in a freezing car so he could possibly knock boots with a 13-year-old?

That’s what allegedly happened in Great Falls, Montana. 22-year-old Jeramey Sheeler left his 4-year-old daughter in the car while he went to see a 13-year-old girl. Since it was Montana the temperature at the time was -14. That’s 14 degrees below zero. That’s -26 Celsius.

When the girl woke up two hours later she got out of the car and started knocking on doors looking for the sperm donor. The next door neighbors let her in and called police. The article states that Sheeler was in bed with the 13-year-old but ‘nothing sexual’ was going on.

When police searched Sheeler’s car they also found a bowl with pot residue in it. Not a cereal bowl either. You burnouts know what I’m talking about.

So this girl has an alleged neglectful burnout pedophile for a father. Again, once you have kids your priorities are supposed to change. You’re supposed to stop doing drugs and banging teenage girls. Well, really you’re not supposed to do those things anyway.