Social media crime blotter 12/10/2017

Social media crime blotter

Local parent says he discovered teens using Snapchat to buy and sell drugs:
(Bixby, Oklahoma)

Man sentenced for enticing children through app:
40-year-old Aaron Anthony of Idaho Falls sentenced to 2-10 for trying to solicit underage girls through Kik.

A pricey mistake: How to avoid accidental in-app purchases:
Parent lets kid run wild unsupervised on and ends up with a $1000 bill for in-app purchases.

New Jersey man charged with solicitation of a minor:
36-year-old Julio DeJesus of Jersey City, NJ, was arrested for allegedly having explicit conversations with a 15-year-old girl from Tallahassee, Florida, on Facebook, Kik, and Instagram.

Orland Park Man Accused of Selling Pot on Snapchat:
Illinois. Even where it’s legal, it’s still illegal to sell it online.

Backpage pimps pumped pregnant woman with drugs

Backpage pimps pumped pregnant woman with drugs

Gentry and Koberger

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, colloquially known as Fayette Nam, police arrested 22-year-old Jeremy Shane Gentry Jr. and 24-year-old Stanley Dwayne Olaf Koberger (Hasenpfeffer Incorporated) on human trafficking charges. According to police Gentry and Koberger are accused of allegedly coercing a pregnant woman into prostitution on Backpage by forcibly pumping her full of drugs.

The pregnant victim gave birth about a month before her due date in March. The arrest documents said the child tested positive for methamphetamine, cocaine and opiates shortly after being born at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

Tell me again about consenting adults.

Let’s also not forget the money Backpage made from the victim’s ads.

Still little to no outrage to be found.

Man pimps out 12-year-old girl to 100+ men

Man pimps girl, 12, to 100 men shares profits with mum:

That scumbag is Gary John Devine of Hobart, Tasmania in Australia. He was recently found guilty of pimping out a 12-year-old girl to over 100 men. Devine would charge $100 for a half hour and an additional $50 if the john didn’t want to use a condom. The girl eventually developed STDs including chlamydia and genital warts.

However while he is the main scumbag in this story he’s not our main focus. Devine did all this with the permission of the girl’s mother. The mother has not been named to protect the identity of the girl. Devine would split the money with the mother and the girl, not evenly of course. All three of them are said to have used the money for drugs. I’m not surprised the girl did drugs. It’s not surprising that a girl forced into that lifestyle would turn to drugs.

The mother has been charged and is custody. And to make matters worse Devine only received 10 years and is eligible for parole in 8.

Thanks to Nara for the tip.

Naked mom drops toddler from balcony

calsmithMom Accused Of Dropping Child From Balcony:

One night in September, or so the legend goes, 23-year-old Callie M. Smith vandalized several cars and jumped on top of them naked in the parking lot of a Liberty, Missouri apartment complex. She then allegedly went to a second floor balcony and dangled her 22-month-old son from it. She threatened to drop the boy and so she did. Luckily a witness was able to catch the boy and he sustained no injuries. Sign that witness up for The Chiefs. They need the help at receiver.

Anyway it seems that Smith was hopped up on drugs, if you couldn’t guess. A neighbor seems to blame the drugs and not the Breeder for taking them…

Lippitt said Smith’s behavior was out of character and she believes it was drug-induced.

“She was a very loving, sweet mother, but on that particular day, something definitely went down. That was really strong stuff she was on,” Lippitt said.

Sorry lady but loving sweet mothers don’t take whatever Smith was on.

Thanks to Chantel for the tip.

Man loses stepson while searching for drugs

Police: Man leaves boy in car, looks for drugs:

Dino Vicente of Coopersburg, Pennsylvania allegedly went to the Kensington section of Philadelphia to score some drugs. I use to live one neighborhood over from Kensington, it’s not hard to find drugs there.

Anyway police say that Vicente found some drugs, took said drugs then forgot where he parked his car. You know, the car that had his 6-year-old stepson in it. This was around 9PM. I don’t even like going into Kensington during the day but then again I’m not an addict.

Vicente finally gave up and flagged down Philly’s finest. It wasn’t until 6:30 when the car and the boy were found.

Considering this happened in Kensington I’m surprised that the car wasn’t up on blocks by time they found it…and on fire.

Luckily the boy was unharmed.

6-year-old drove because mom smoked the stinky stuff

LakishaHogue6-Year-Old Drives After Mom Smokes “That Stinky Stuff”:

Police: 6-Year-Old Driver Says Mom Was ‘Smoking The Smelly Stuff’:

Is that a mugshot of the year candidate or what?

Anyway, that my friends is 30-year-old Lakisha Hogue of Coatesville, Pa. She was arrested after the Dodge Durango she was riding in was pulled over. The reason her SUV was pulled over is because her 6-year-old daughter was driving it.

Officer Robert Keetch said he had to do a double take after seeing the little girl driving. “There were two white knuckles and a little head popping over the stearing wheel,” he said.

Hogue was allegedly laughing her ass off when police pulled the vehicle over. The girl told police that she was driving because her mom was ‘tired’. However when police contacted her aunt the girl admitted that Hogue was smoking ‘the stinky stuff’. Hogue allegedly said she was teaching her daughter to drive. I didn’t know you could get your learner’s permit at 6 in Pennsylvania.

I’m curious to know where they were driving from and to. So not only did Hogue more than likely tell her daughter to lie to police but a Dodge Durango is not a small car. So because her need to get high was greater than the need to keep her child safe she put her daughter’s and God knows how many other drivers’ and pedestrians’ lives in danger.

Thanks to Cassandra for the tip.

Houston man over the legal limit kills 5 kids in wreck

Dad charged in 5 kids’ drownings:

32-year-old Chanton Jenkins of Houston, TX was on his cell phone to his girlfriend when the car he was driving went off into a water filled ditch. Two and a half hours after the wreck Jenkins was still blowing a .082 on the alcohol breath test. Police suspect he was also under the influence of drugs. However what makes this story so horrifying is that 5 children drowned in this wreck and the body of one has yet to be found. The term ditch sounds like a misnomer. According to the article Texas EquuSearch is searching a bayou for the remaining victim’s body.

At least 3 of the children belonged to Jenkins. None of the children in the car were secured. Along with Jenkins, Jenkins adult brother and a 10-year-old boy survived. So that makes 8 people in the car and none of the kids were strapped in. Nice driving and parenting skills you assclown.

The victims are listed as 4-year-old Devin Jenkins, 7-year-old Malik Barlow, 11-year-old Dreyton Thompson, 1-year-old Karrinton Jenkins and 4-year-old Hallie Jenkins whose body has not yet been found.

I’m not accusing Jenkins of anything except for being a drunk, possibly an addict, and maybe one of the worst drivers in the world, but as Liz said to me in her e-mail when she sent me this story, that sure is a lot of child support payments in the car.

Stoned mom leaves kids to burn

Police: Mom Didn’t Try To Get Boys Out Of Burning Home:

Mom charged with neglect after fire:

28-year-old Amy Hiatt of Noblesville, IN told her 5-year-old son it was ok to heat grease on the stove for french fries. Normally that would be enough to land you on this site but it gets worse.

Because of her lack of parental judgment a grease fire started in the house. Normally that would be enough to land you on this site but it gets worse.

While the house was burning rather than getting her kids out of the house according to police Hiatt just paced around and watched the flames. That definitely gets you on this site but thankfully it gets better. Sort of.

The 5 and 3-year-old boys tried to get their mother out of the house but she wouldn’t go. Luckily some neighbors stormed the house and got the kids out. When the neighbor tried to get Hiatt out it was reported that Hiatt was covered with vomit on her face and wearing a long T-shirt and underwear and didn’t want to leave the house until she put some pants on.

Police say drugs were involved and that Hiatt has a history of abuse and was known by social services.

Anybody shocked by that? I didn’t think so.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Baby in car lent out to friend and stolen

Baby Found Safe After Being Left In Stolen Car:

This story is the Rube Goldberg machine of child abuse.

24-year-old Julinia Moreno of Seminole County, Florida lent her car to her friend, 24-year-old Joshua Barnes. The thing is that Moreno’s 18-month-old son, Jamir Worg, was still in the car. Barnes then took the car to a known dug house while the baby was still in the car.

While Barnes was in the drug house and the baby was still in the car the car was stolen by 36-year-old David Carver. Carver noticed the baby and left him on someone’s front yard. The woman who owned the house where the baby was left found him and called 911.

All three suspects have been arrested on various charges.

It’s one thing to leave your kid in the car but then to lend out the car that he’s in so it can be driven to a crack house is just monumental amounts of stupid.

Thanks to LadyJade and SG for the tip.

Woman on the run in suffocation death of daughter

San Jose police seek mother in death of infant girl:

Police in San Jose, California are looking for 23-year-old Christina Robledo. Check the mugshot in the article. She looks a lot older than 23. Then again police say she’s a known drug and alcohol abuser so that would explain a lot.

Police say that in a drug and alcohol influenced stupor she passed out on top of her infant daughter Neveah Salinas Robledo. The autopsy report showed that she died from asphyxiation.

Again people, when you have kids it’s time to stop doing drugs and drinking like a fish. If you love your drugs more than your kids either don’t have kids, don’t screw around, and if you do have kids just give them up for adoption so they could at least have a fighting chance in the world.

Now an infant girl is dead because of stupid choices her birth organism made.

Thanks to LiLO for the tip.