Drunk Breeder found on center console with no shoes

Christian Damon Derek Stoner

Charges: Father Drove Around 2 Kids While Drunk:

St. Paul Boy Knocks on Door, Reports Dad’s DWI:

Police in St. Paul, Minnesota say they found 40-year-old Christian Damon Derek Stoner passed out drunk in his car while he was on the center console and not wearing shoes. Police were alerted to Stoner’s condition because his 5-year-old son knocked on a neighbor’s door saying that his father refused to bring him home.

According to the boy Stoner picked up him and his 1-year-old sister from daycare then proceeded to drive around town pulling over at random intervals. When Stoner was found by police the keys were in the ignition in the on position. There was also an empty liquor bottle in the car according to police.

After falling out of the car Stoner blew a mighty .289 blood alcohol. Not only is that way over three times the legal limit it lands him on the #5 spot of the BB BAC Board.

How sad is it when a 5-year-old has more brains and common sense than an allegedly grown-ass man?

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Baby suffocates after Breeder gets her Halloween drink on

Corrina Atuatasi

Corrina Atuatasi

Corrina Atuatasi Accused of Letting Her Baby Suffocate in Clothes Pile After Booze Binge:

Baby suffocated in clothes pile while mom was drunk, police say:

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this with you before but I don’t drink. Not to excess anyway. I can go for months without having a beer and I can’t even remember the last time I got drunk. Not because I got so wasted I don’t remember it’s just been that long. There’s several reasons behind my semi-tea totaling ways. The first is my dad was a mean drunk and I’ve seen what kind of damage excessive drinking can do to a family. The second is in a bout of excessive drinking on my part I gave myself alcohol poisoning in my early 20s and that made me lose my taste for hard liquor. And lastly during my first year of marriage I went to a bar one night to drown my sorrows and when I came back my daughter, who was 10 at the time, told me I reeked of beer. I was so embarrassed thinking back to when I was her age and my dad coming home stumbling in the door drunk reeking of booze right before he hit my mom.

So you can kind of understand when I say I don’t get why some people put alcohol above the welfare and safety of their own children, like 27-year-old Corrina Atuatasi of Garden Grove, California.

Police allege that Atuatasi was watching her two-month-old son, Aiden Galeai, on Halloween night while her husband and daughter were visiting family. While she was outside smoking, and the baby was inside alone mind you, a couple of neighbors invited her to their Halloween party. She left her son to go drink but shortly went back to get Aiden, putting him in a car seat then taking him and going back to the party for a few hours.

Supposedly when she returned home in a drunken stupor at 4am somehow Aiden found himself face down in a pile of laundry where he suffocated to death. Considering he was only 2-months-old I’m going to assume he didn’t end up there under his own power. Atuatasi woke up 2 hours later and called 911. When police arrived they said she had BAC of .23 which as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, is almost three times the legal limit. This was 2+ hours after she had stopped drinking so I can only imagine what it was when she stopped drinking. .

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Drunk Ind. Breeder leaves kid in cold car naked

Brittany Hazelwood

Court: Drunk mom leaves nude kid in cold car:

Mom Arrested After Children Found In Freezing Car:

Police in Fishers, Indiana arrested 24-year-old Brittany Hazelwood for allegedly leaving her two children in the car, one of them naked, while it was 36 degrees outside. Police say that Hazlewood was drunk off her ass and almost passed out inside the house. The kids were said to have been in the car outside the house for 40 minutes. Hazlewood’s BAC was said to be .19.

The other Breeder of the pair came home while police were at the house and guess what. He was drunk too with a mighty .21 BAC. That’s almost 3 times the legal limit.

And to top it all off police say that the home was filthy with trash and open food.

Now as far as I can tell Hazlewood was not charged with DUI however if the kids were in the car in the driveway and she was inside passed out I’m going to assume that the kids didn’t drive themselves there which means that Hazlewood earned herself the #7 spot on the BB BAC Board.

And yet again we have a story where two Breeders are more concerned with getting their drink on then cleaning the house or caring for their children.

I wonder if the Breeders went to the same bar for both of them to get drunk and did they take the kids in the bar with them.

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Holly Razo got stabby at party while kid was home alone

Holly M. Razo

Police: Child left alone as woman drinks, wields knife, bites officer:

Police in Sheboygan, Wisconsin arrested 28-year-old Holly M. Razo after she got thrown out of a party and returned wielding two knives demanding ‘respect’. While in the squad car she told police she needed to contact her mother to get her 18-month-old child. Turns out the child was home alone in the unlocked house while Razo got her drink on and showed up for a knife fight where no one else was invited.

While in holding she managed to get her cuffed hands from behind her back to the front. When police tried to re-cuff her she told the cops ‘good luck’ and assaulted a few police officers and also tried to kick out a squad car window. Eventually she was put in a restraint chair.

Thankfully the child was unharmed.

I really have nothing to add to this. I mean what else can I add to this story? I’ve rarely seen so much parenting failure in one story but hey, feel free to go nuts in the comments.

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SC Breeder arrested for 17-day-old baby’s skull fractures

I'm strong to the finish 'cus I eats me spinach...

Police: Mom Fractures Skull of 17-day-old Infant:

Woman arrested after 17-day-old baby suffers skull fractures:

There’s not a lot of detail on this story but I couldn’t pass up that mugshot.

Anyway, one eyed James Brown over there is 27-year-old Niosha Latricia Kelly, or Niosha Latrice Kelly depending on the article, of Darlington, South Carolina. She was arrested after EMS was called to her house and it was determined that her 17-day-old daughter had two skull fractures.

It’s unknown at this time how the baby’s skull was fractured but police say when they questioned Kelly she gave multiple stories on how the baby was injured so badly but police say that the injuries did allegedly occur while the girl was in Kelly’s care.

Oh, and did I mention that she was caring for two other children and police say that she was noticeably intoxicated when they arrived at her house.

Let’s hope she wasn’t breastfeeding or we may have the youngest person ever placed into rehab.

The baby is in stable condition at last report.

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Breeders pop pills, ignore baby at bowling alley

Odenville couple arrested in Talladega:

Bowling alley workers in Talladega, Alabama called the police on Brandy Nicole Hansen, 25, and her husband James Derrick Hansen, 27. Holy crap, she’s 25?

Anyway it seems that they were at the bowling alley and ignoring their 1-year-old. The baby was hungry and they had no food or milk to give.

Mr. Hansen was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a probation violation and Mrs. Hansen was founs to be in illegal possession of Hydrocodone that she was allegedly popping at the bowling alley. I would mention that they were both said to have been intoxicated but since they were at a bowling alley that would have been redundant.

The child has been placed with a grandparent.

I like how they have money for booze and pills but didn’t bring any food for the kid with them. At least they didn’t leave the poor kid at home. Then again a bowling alley isn’t the safest place to let a kid run loose.

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Another drunk Breeder lets his kid drive

Reno police: Intoxicated man arrested after letting son, 11, drive car:

Not a lot of detail on this one but police in Reno, Nevada arrested Carl Richard Buchanan for allegedly being drunk while letting his 11-year-old son drive him home. Luckily no one was hurt.

To be honest the real reason I wanted to post this story was because of the mugshot and so I could give one of my infamous panty bunching statements.

Soul patches are for douchebags.

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Woman leaves kids in car while she drinks in bar

Mesa mom leaves kids in car while she goes into bar:

It’s not just men that leave their kids in the car so they can get their drink on.

In Phoenix, Arizona 27-year-old Rebecca Barrera was arrested for allegedly leaving her 6 and 8-year-olds sleeping in the unlocked car in the bar parking lot while the keys were in the car.

After police arrived and the DJ requested that the children’s parent(s) to go to the car Barrera allegedly claimed that she was a ‘friend’ of the mother and would go get her. And by going to get her she must have meant hiding out in the women’s restroom. Which is like trying to hide a joint in your cigarette pack. It’s the first place the cops will look.

After the brief manhunt (Womanhunt? personhunt? something that rhymes with hunt hunt?) Bararea blew a .152 BAC which puts her in 2nd place on the PBB BAC board. However you may say that ‘Trench, she’s not eligible for the board since she wasn’t driving.’ To which I say au contraire as she allegedly admitted to police not only drinking before getting to the bar but drinking on the way to the bar with the kids in the car. I believe that makes her more than eligible.

The kids supposedly slept through the whole thing until their aunt came to get them.

Petty Mother

Mom Arrested For Leaving Kids Home Alone:

Sarah Petty of Brevard County, Florida has a fitting name.

She was arrested for leaving her kids home alone for 14 hours. Her 18-month-old went out for a stroll and luckily was unharmed. The 3 year-old stayed home.

So where was mom? Police say she was at another house in the neighborhood after drinking the night before and according to police she was still drunk at noon when police talked to her.

Petty claims she thought the children were with their grandmother who lives next door.

Yeah, like the police have never heard that one before.

Again, your children are more important than getting your drink on. If they’re not then you don’t deserve to have them.

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He was in the vehicle when it was tooken

Police: Man left son in semi while visiting a strip club:

39-year-old Donald Crawford of Indianapolis was arrested last week for leaving his 5-year-old son in the cab of his semi while he went and drank at a strip club. Not only was he already allegedly drunk when he got to the club but he also refused to pay for $80 in lap dances and only had one drink. Ladies and gentleman this is only one of the many species of douchebag. The cheapskate at the strip club.

Anyway, after he was thrown out of the club he couldn’t find his truck and called 911 to report it missing. The 911 call is transcribed in the article but the fact that the told the dispatcher that “He was in the vehicle when it was tooken.” Even here in the south that’s not close to proper grammar.

And it gets better. When police finally found Crawford and the truck the truck was unlocked with the keys in the ignition. Luckily his son was unharmed and watching cartoons.

But wait…there’s more. The article says that Crawford was released into the custody of his wife. Does that mean that she bailed him out? Ladies, would you have bailed out your man if he did something like that.

When I was single I went to a lot of strip clubs. After I got married and inherited some new kids I went once and was embarrassed when I came home and my kids said I smelled funny. It was probably the combination of beer and stripper perfume that made me that way.

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