Woman drugged daughter so boyfriend could get her pregnant

Cops: Mom Doped Girl in Pregnancy Plot:

Now if you were a woman (or are a woman) and you weren’t able to have any children what would you do? I mean there are so many avenues that a couple could take to bring a child into their life. There’s of course adoption and one could also pursue the course of obtaining a surrogate mother.

Not 32-year-old Shana Brown and her 40-year-old boyfriend Duane Calloway of Uniontown, Pa. Brown wanted to have a baby so bad with Calloway that she came up with the idea that she would drug her 13-year-old daughter so Calloway could get her pregnant.

Let me stop here for a second. While planning their ingenious plot did they think that after her daughter was impregnated that she would somehow magically go along with it? I doubt it. I bet they had some other form of abuse set to go to keep the girl quiet.

Anyway, luckily the girl was too smart for them. It seems that her birth organism had approached her with the idea of allowing Calloway to get her pregnant and then marry the daughter. After one of the drugging attempts the girl feigned being asleep and when Calloway tried to put the moves on her she bolted for the door.

There’s an old saying about Pennsylvania. You have Philly on one side, Pittsburgh on the other, and Alabama in between. If you take a look at the picture of Brown’s perp walk you’ll definitely get that Alabama vibe. Also notice she’s wearing a West Virginia shirt.

Hey I insulted three states at once. That’s a new record for me.

Thanks to Michelle and everyone who sent in this tip.