2010 Stepfather of the Year…. NOT!

Stepfucker aka Kenneth Hast

Stepfather arrested for duct taping stepson 

4-year-old duct taped, stepfather arrested 

Let me start by apologizing for my delay in posting this story.  Between the holidays, work, my kids, and my hubby having knee surgery, I’ve gotten a little behind.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have for you the stepfather of the year for 2010… or NOT!  Meet 22-year-old, Kenneth Hast of Shawneetown, IL.  What landed him here you ask?  Well, his solution to his 4-year-old stepson’s habit of sucking his bottom lip.  You see… tough guy up there must have been seriously annoyed with the fact his stepson sucked his bottom lip because on December 20th, while watching him he decided it was appropriate to duct tape the little guys arms and legs and slam his head into a desk when he refused to stop sucking his lip.  Jeez… what’s the big deal he’ll out grow it and if he doesn’t who freakin cares!  

When mom arrived home from work, she took her son to the hospital for a possible head injury he was treated and released.  Stepfucker was arrested and charged unlawful restraint, aggravated domestic battery and aggravated battery of a child.  Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!  

I have to say, that my 6-year-old son has a habit of chewing on the collar and/or sleeve of his shirts.  Now it has never occurred to myself or my husband to try the duct tape/head bashing treatment to break him of the habit.  I just let him deal with the soaked collar/sleeve and in time he’ll either out grow it or get used to having wet clothing, either way it’s his habit to deal with.  

No one was killed, or permanently maimed so all in all a happy ending, but if mom doesn’t get rid of stepfucker with the quickness, we may be reading about him again, in the near future.  He clearly has some control/anger issues. 

Thanks to our very own and the always-lovely Nicole for the tip.

Duct taped child in WV leads to arrest of three

Child Duct Taped and Forced to Sleep in Child Safety Seat, Police Say:

W.Va. adults arrested for duct-taping boy:

In Charleston, West Virginia (no comment) three people have been arrested in a case of child abuse.

James Usher and Della Jackson were watching the two-year-old son of Jessica McClure. Allegedly Usher thought it would be a a good idea to duct tape the child probably to make it easier to keep an eye on him.

Police say the boy’s ankles where taped together, his arms were taped to his body, and his mouth was duct taped shut.

They must have thought this was such a good idea that they allegedly took a picture of the boy.

Luckily someone saw the photo and reported it to authorities. Usher and Jackson were arrested but the story doesn’t end there.

Jessica McClure was also arrested because the investigation uncovered that McClure allegedly made the boy sleep in the child safety seat in the floor AND the residence was filled with trash, roaches (the crawly kind) and the ever present animal feces.

I’m still amazed that not one, not two but three people who feel it’s ok to abuse a child find each other.

Thanks to Angie for the tip.