North Carolina upholds sex offender ban on social networks

This past Friday the North Carolina Supreme Court upheld the law that bans registered sex offenders from using social networks like Facebook. I’m actually ambivalent about this law mostly because it was pushed by NC Attorney General Roy Cooper back in the MySpace days as a piece of feel good legislation designed to get him re-elected. It must have worked because he’s still in office. When it first passed I argued that it really does nothing to protect kids from the predators who haven’t been caught yet.

Since that time I’ve referred to the law as the ‘Dumbfish’ law. I call it that because it is akin to a dumb fish jumping into a fisherman’s boat. Registered sex offenders in NC are supposed to register their e-mail addresses and social networking profiles with the state. In theory all they would need to do is just use a new e-mail address. However that has not stopped several sex offenders in NC from being caught in the Dumbfish net.

The main reason I’m ambivalent to the law is that no one should expect the government to raise your kids. As I tend to say parents are the only real line of defense between online predators and their kids.

NC Dumbfish law struck down

Give me that fish!

NC judges: Facebook ban for sex offenders illegal:

Remember how in my last post I said the last time I checked it was illegal to be a registered sex offender in North Carolina to be on a social networking site? Apparently the last time I checked must have been in July because in August the law was struck down as being vague and unconstitutional.

The sex offender ban was put in place back in 2008 and was touted highly by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper. At the time the ban was passed I called it out for what it was, feel good legislation designed to further Roy Cooper’s career rather than catch criminals. I mean the ban could be easily circumvented, not that it didn’t catch a few of what I like to call Dumbfish. The reason I call them Dumbfish is because anyone caught is like a dumb fish that jumps into the net cast by NC authorities.

I don’t like the fact that this gives sex offenders one more avenue to their victims in North Carolina but this law was made to appeal to the shrieking soccer moms during the height of MySpace madness. Not to mention the law didn’t address online predators who weren’t RSO’s.

I’m ashamed to live in a state where this assclown keeps getting re-elected.

UPDATE: A week later Attorney General Cooper was able to persuade the State Supreme Court to keep the sex offender ban in place temporarily.

Indiana has Dumbfish law upheld

Give me that fish!

Give me that fish!

Judge upholds Indiana Facebook ban for sex offenders:

I didn’t know that Indiana even had a Dumbfish law on the books yet here we are.

Anyway a federal judge upheld Indiana’s law that bans registered sex offenders from Facebook and other social networking sites regardless if they’ve completed their probation or not.

“Social networking, chat rooms, and instant messaging programs have effectively created a ‘virtual playground’ for sexual predators to lurk,” Judge Tanya Walton Pratt wrote in the ruling, citing a 2006 report by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that found that one in seven youths had received online sexual solicitations and one in three had been exposed to unwanted sexual material online.

Of course those great defenders of pedophiles known as the ACLU have a problem with this. They plan on appealing the decision naturally. God forbid we should have an internet free of child molesters and rapists.

Again I say though these laws banning sex offenders from social networking are really just feel good legislation designed to garner votes for politicians. Only the dumbest of predators get caught by these laws, as I keep saying, like the dumb fish that jump into the boat.

In reality legislation isn’t needed. Most social sites already ban registered sex offenders from their site but no TOS or law will keep online predators from trying to approach your kids. What we need instead is more tech savvy parents who know how to check on their kids’ internet activity when it be through computer, tablet or phone. Unfortunately more and more parents just let their kids run off on their own on the internet and hope for the best. Politicians don’t want to tell their constituents to be better parents. That wouldn’t get them re-elected.

Louisiana Dumbfish Law II: Facebook Status? Sex offender

Give me that fish!

Give me that fish!

New La. law: Sex offenders must list status on Facebook, other social media:

Previously I’ve posted about the state of Louisiana passing a law I call The Dumbfish Law. The law basically banned from registered sex offenders from being on Facebook or any other kind of social networking site. I call it the dumbfish law because anyone caught by it is kind of like a dumb fish that jumps into a fisherman’s boat. North Carolina has had this law on the books for some years now and has caught a number of dumbfish.

The law was struck down as being unconstitutional for being too vague in what it considers a social network. So rather than tightening up that law the state of Louisiana has come up with an even dumber law. The new law states that any registered sex offender has to disclose their sex offender status on their Facebook, or whatever, profile, disclose the crime and their home address. Now Citizen Off The Street may think that this is a good law but I’m going to tell you why it sucks.

First off, much like the original, Dumbfish Law it doesn’t stop sex offenders for creating profiles with aliases, Secondly even if a sex offender does put all his information on his Facebook profile there are still people and children out there gullible enough to believe any cock and bull story that’s handed to them. Hell, we’ve seen it here on this site multiple times. Lastly it does nothing to prevent the unregistered predators from looking for victims on social sites. Not to mention that I doubt Facebook is going to acquiesce to having a new status of sex offender added to their site. That wouldn’t be abused at all.

You want to keep Facebook and other social sites free from predators? Keep them in jail until they’re too frail and feeble to even use a computer.

Louisiana Dumbfish law thrown back

Give me that fish!

Give me that fish!

Judge throws out La. Facebook ban on sex offenders:

Last summer the state of Louisiana passed a law that would ban sex offenders from social networking sites if their crimes involved children. I call it the Dumbfish law because there is so many ways to circumvent such a ban only an idiot would be caught by this law. Much akin to a dumb fish jumping into a fisherman’s boat. Now that law has been thrown out by a federal court.

A federal judge ruled that the law was too broad and could keep sex offenders from even using Louisiana’s state website. The ACLU, representing two sex offenders naturally, argued that sex offenders could be kept off any site that required a user login and password.

I’m here to help the state of Louisiana to get a new law passed. The solution is simple really. Talk to the legislature of North Carolina. North Carolina invented the Dumbfish law. As a matter of fact here in the Tarheel State it’s illegal for any sex offender to be on nay social networking site and as far as my memory serves me it has withstood legal challenges. Not to mention that North Carolina has caught its fair share of Dumbfish in its net with this law.

But as I’ve said before while the law may catch the occasional dumb registered sex offender it does nothing to help catch the ones who aren’t registered, the ones who haven’t been caught yet. What we really need is laws that give these creeps real time in prison and not the joke sentences that they’re currently receiving.

Another NC Dumbfish sent back to the cannery

Victor Gaston

Victor Gaston

Sex Offender Victor Gaston Sentenced For Social Media Violations:

NC Sex Offender Gets Prison for Facebook Request:

As I have mentioned many times before it is illegal in the state of North Carolina for registered sex offenders to be on any social networking site. I’ve called these offenders that ignore the law dumbfish because it’s basically like a fish jumping into the boat.

Today we have such another dumbfish by the name of Victor Gaston. Gaston, 36, is from Reidsville, NC and spent a mere 2 years in jail for taking indecent liberties with a child. The law apparently did not stop Gaston from allegedly trying to friend his victim from that crime on Facebook. For his troubles Gaston was sent back to state prison for roughly 7 1/2 years.

I wish he had gotten more time for his crimes. Imagine the horror that the victim must have gone through again after receiving his friend request.

But as long as these sex offenders are going to be idiots like this NC is going to keep sending them to prison. Not for long enough though if you ask me.

Louisiana passes The Dumbfish Law

Give me that fish!

Give me that fish!

Law bans offenders from using networking:

Last week the state of Louisiana passed a law that would make it illegal for registered sex offenders, whose crimes involved children, to have social networking accounts.

As you may have read in the past I call this The Dumbfish Law because basically states like North Carolina and now Louisiana are basically trolling to see how many ‘dumb fish’ they can catch in their nets. Surprisingly North Carolina has caught a lot but I would imagine there are still many sex offenders out there who are using false aliases to have social networking accounts. Plus this law does nothing to discourage non-registered predators from preying on children online. However if it puts even a few more sex offenders away I guess it can’t hurt.

Upon first conviction, an offender could be fined up to $10,000 and imprisoned for up to 10 years without benefit of probation, parole or suspension of sentence.

For a second or subsequent conviction, they would be fined up to $20,000 and imprisoned with hard labor for five to 20 years without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.

You would think that would discourage registered SOs from being on Facebook but I guarantee there will be some dumbfish that jump into the boat.

California considers ‘Dumbfish’ law

Give me that fish!

Give me that fish!

California State Senator Sharon Runner is proposing a law that would require registered sex offenders to provide law enforcement with their online names, email addresses and social networking sites. This the type of law has been in effect for some time now in North Carolina. I call it the dumbfish law because while it does catch a few ‘dumb fish’ in the net it’s largely ineffective.

Not only are these type of laws designed mostly as either knee jerk reaction or voter appeasement they don’t address the real issue with inline predators which is inattentive parents.

Not only would sex offenders give law enforcement phony online identities it does nothing about the sexual predators that haven’t been caught yet.

The Dumbfish from Bessemer City

Kevin Crouse

Kevin Crouse

Once again we have yet another Dumbfish caught in the obvious nets of North Carolina’s law banning sex offenders from social networking sites.

Today’s bottom feeder flopping on the boat floor is one Kevin Gale Crouse of Bessemer City. For this story I guess we call it Bassemer City, get it?

Anyway, the 41-year-old Crouse was released this past June after spending 17 years in jail on rape charges. Apparently the risk of going back to prison wasn’t enough to discourage Crouse from biting the hook as he was arrested for having a Facebook profile.

Seriously you scumbags. What part of use Facebook and go to jail don’t you get?

Two more Dumbfish for the nets of North Carolina

Bonds and Grant

Bonds and Grant

As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of North Carolina’s law that bans sex offenders from social networking sites. I think it does nothing to prevent unregistered offenders from approaching kids and there are so many ways around the ban.

However as I’ve also said before it seems that it does catch some dumbfish in its net. Kind of like how even a blind squirrel can find a nut. 
Anyway we have two more dumbfish to tell you about today and they would be Dwayne Anthony Bonds of Richfield, North Carolina and Ronnie Monroe Grant, Jr. of Lincoln County, North Carolina. They were both busted for being sex offenders on Facebook

Grant was sentenced on June 6, 2003 on a conviction of taking indecent liberties with a minor. He served a 30-day active sentence and was placed on 60 months probation. Grant registered as a sex offender in July of 2003 and is required to serve a 10-year registration period.

Again, how stupid do you have to be to be caught like this? If they say you can’t be around a school you make sure you’re not around a school. Why can’t you do the same with Facebook.

If they kept sex offenders behind bars with real sentences this wouldn’t be an issue.