Baby left to die in California dumpster

O.C. Teen Accused Of Killing Baby To Be Arraigned:

19-year-old Juana Perez Valencia (pictured) is accused of stuffing her newborn baby in a plastic bag then putting the baby in the dumpster of the restaurant she worked at in Stanton, California.

Police say the baby was born alive. Authorities became suspicious when Valencia went to the hospital to seek treatment but denied giving birth which prompted the staff to call police.

Just like the batterers I have to tell this ti the baby dumpers as well. The hospital knows when you are lying about giving birth. They are trained medical professionals and are much smarter than you. Not to mention the safe haven laws. You can drop the baby off at a safe haven no questions asked and no legal trouble will come to you.

She’s being held on $1M bail.

Thanks to Jake’s Daddy for the tip.

Baby dumping in Turlock, CA

Infant Found Dead In Turlock Dumpster:

In Turlock, California the body of a newborn was found in a dumpster. According to the article the body was still warm to the touch.

I’ll never understand why these baby dumpings keep happening since every state has a safe haven law.

At least Nebraska’s wide open law is providing much needed publicity for the safe haven laws in other states.

Police are also concerned about the welfare of the mother as well and recommend she gets medical care.