Werribee assailant wants film career

Werribee sex DVD maker aims to direct films:

Remember the story from last year about the kids from Werribee in Australia? They were the ones who filmed themselves sexually assaulting a developmentally challenged girl. Then they sold the DVD, entitled ‘C**t the Movie’, to their classmates through MySpace.

They basically got off with a slap on their collective wrists. Now one of them fancies himself a filmmaker.

“I came runner-up in a film festival for a film about my sister,” he told the Herald Sun.

“It’s all going really, really good at the moment.

“I’m still in school, I’m writing some more short films at the moment and I’ve just done a Ford commercial.

“I’ve got plenty of time and I’m just trying my best.”

Meanwhile the victim still has to love with the humiliation for the rest of her life.

Nice job Werribee.

Werribee teens convicted

Seven convicted over Werribee sex DVD assault:

Seven teens were convicted over the infamous Werribee, Australia rape DVD because let’s face it, it was nothing short of rape.

The group took her to nearby river parkland where they began filming their activity, surrounding her in a circle and chanting “The Victim” – the title of the segment in which she featured on the DVD.

The youths cheered and chanted as she was urinated on, set alight, poked with sticks and made to perform sex acts.

Her clothes are taken and thrown in muddy water with two boys using her mascara to scrawl the title of the movie across her chest.

You’d think they’d receive jail time but that’s what we get for thinkin’.

Of the eight who pleaded guilty six were placed on strict youth supervision orders for up to 18 months and two on year-long probation.

All will be required to attend a counseling program for young sex offenders.

I don’t know what it’s like in Australia but here in The States we all know how well counseling works. It rarely does. I’m sure these kids will be back in trouble with the law before we know it.

Thanks to Alan for the link.

Werribee victim may have to testify

Trio to plead not guilty over DVD attack:

Alleged victim to appear at DVD trial:

Three suspects in the infamous Werribee, Australia sexual assault DVD intend to plead not guilty when they return to court in December. This ought to be good considering the suspects were caught on videotape, but it’s not like the court is going out of its way to actually punish these criminals.

To make matters worse, attorneys for some of the suspects are planning on questioning the victim under cross-examination. normally I would say that tactic my work against them but again the courts aren’t bending over backwards to punish these teenage rapists.

Thanks to Alan for the tip.

Werribee teens plead guilty

Werribee DVD youths plead guilty, avoid jail:

Seven of the teens from Werribee, Australia who filmed themselves sexually assaulting a mildly developmentally challenged girl have pleaded guilty. If you remember the suspects also sold the DVD, entitled C*nt: The Movie to their classmates over MySpace. Let me refresh your memory…

The DVD was shot in June last year when the 17-year-old girl, who has mild developmental delay, was taken by the youths to the edge of the Werribee River.

It includes footage of the sexual act, of men urinating on the girl and throwing a cup of urine on her. It also shows them setting her hair alight three times.

They throw her top and jacket into the river and tell her: “You’re walking home topless.”

You would think the judge would throw the book at them. Not so. Since they have pleaded guilty they will avoid any jail time and will be sent to an “adolescent sexual rehabilitation program”.

Let’s hear from the judge…

The judge said the youths’ guilty plea was a strong indication of their remorse.

“The idea is that the defendants now have some rehabilitation and education in how not to treat women,” the judge said.

Personally I think the judge let them off way too easy. I think the only think they’re remorseful about is that they got caught.

However I want to hear from my Aussie readers to see what they feel about the sentence. Is it enough?

Thanks to Alan for the tip.

Werribee teens get additional charges

More charges on sex DVD:

The teens from Werribee, Australia who are facing charges for distributing a DVD of them sexually assaulting a girl have had additional charges filed against them.

A children’s court heard yesterday the boys, two aged 16, six 17-year-olds and three aged 18 will face another charge each of procuring the victim to take part in sexual penetration by intimidation.

Four of the accused boys have been charged with two counts of procuring sexual penetration by intimidation and making child pornography, and seven face the same three charges plus one count of assault.

Up to 12 boys were investigated for allegedly coercing the Year 12 girl to have sex in the homemade DVD, titled C— the Movie, allegedly made between June 1 and June 30 last year.

The ten minute film was copied and distributed to students at Werribee schools.

The film showed the girl performing a sex act, being urinated on, and having her hair set alight.

Sources told the Herald Sun in November at least one of the teens allegedly featured on the DVD continued a relationship with the victim for several months after the film was made.

But will these charges bring a longer sentence if these thugs get any real sentence at all.

Thanks to Alan for the link.

Werribee suspects charged

Eight charged over Werribee DVD:

The suspects in the Werribee DVD assault case have finally been charged. They’re facing charges of procuring sexual penetration by intimidation, manufacturing child pornography and assault.

The Australian teens recorded themselves sexually assaulting a mildly mentally disabled girl then sold the DVD to classmates.

Thanks to Alan for the link.

Werribee suspects may receive light sentences

I got a tip from a reader Alan in Australia who says that two of the Werribee rape DVD suspects will be receiving light sentences. This is the e-mail he sent me verbatim.

Something finally appears to be stirring from the Victoria Police.

It appears only two of them will face charges of sexual assault.

This is from a myspace page that has gone from private to public.

ah not really, they just wanted me to describe the night and how i made
the bomb n shit, and they asked if i feel guilty and if i understand wat i
did was wrong lol

yer man, made me do sum interview thing, and they showd dad the dvd. the
f**khead hit the roof. Strted clipping me n shit infrnt of tht copper and
was like giving them permission to take me prints n shit.

Yer well they said i got sum caution of behaviour bond thing, so no

A good behavior bond *shakes head*

I’ll bring you confirmation as soon as I get it.