5/5/06 From The Mail Sack: A Survivor’s Opinion

I received comments today from someone claiming to be Columbine survivor Richard Castaldo on my entry about Dylan Klebold’s car being up for auction. I have no reason to doubt that claim. Here’s what he had to say…

i saw some shit on the news about people having websites paying tribute to the assholes that did this shit, and it bothered me for obvious reasons. so i hope people would be disuaded to do fucked up shit by this site and others like it. And its completely fucking ridiculous to admire what they did in any way. In contrast to popular opinion a lot of people that were shot didn’t do a god-damn thing to these fucks (me included). I have no idea why you’d admire dipshits wwhod kill people over absolutlely nothing. snd what thy did was definatley in no way noble and in no way brave, as they claimed. it doesn;t take shit to kill someone who isn’t expecting ir and with no armor. so i dont know what the hell that proves other than what pussies they really were. REal men would never think of doing something like that. And they brought being nade fun of on themselves, i saw them a couple times and they acteed like they were above it all. oh, and its also moronic to blame games and music and whatnot. cause i play and lisen to the exact same stuff, and am not negatively effected in any way.

I hope the mutants were paying attention.

SOME of the money from Klebold car auction to go to charity

The assclowns who are trying to make blood money by auctioning off Columbine killer Dylan Klebold’s car are stating that they are going to donate some money to the Columbine Memorial fund…

The Columbine Memorial charity is definitely 100% the one we’ll donate to. I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of 10% of the winning price, but I still have to talk it over with my buddy. I can promise at least $1000 to your charity once this thing sells.

Right now the bidding is up to $23,000 for a 24-year-old car. Let’s assume that the bid is legit. That’s probably at least $18K in profit. I think if they make that kind of money they can afford to donate more than 10%.

More on the Klebold car auction

Columbine BMW back up for sale:

Autoblog seems to share my opinion of the auctioning off of Dylan Klebold’s BMW…

We had reservations doing another post on the sale of Dylan Klebold’s BMW because it’s such a disgusting tale, but hopefully it leads not to more bids for its purchase but more outrage that someone would use the car’s notorious history for financial gain.

After having their auction of the 1983 BMW 320i removed from eBay at the site’s insistence, the owners of the vehicle have constructed his own site for the purpose of selling the car.

The unidentified sellers insist that the car’s sale is in no way meant to trivialize the tragedy. That claim is hard to believe considering the auction will end on April 20th, the anniversary of the school shooting, and that the owners may publish a “Best of” section on their site highlighting some of the hate mail they’ve received.

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Autoblog also has information on how the car ended up in the seller’s hands…

How did the BMW end up in the hands of such people, you may ask? Klebold’s parents donated it to Vehicles for Charity, which then sold it at auction.

Sorry for the direct copy and paste Autoblog but the post was too good to shorten.

And last time I checked the bidding was up to $9200.00.

Klebold’s car back on the auction block

Columbine killer’s car back on the market:

The assclown who was trying to sell Dylan Klebold’s BMW on eBay has now set up an auction site just to sell the car…

A man who responded to a Rocky Mountain News inquiry to the seller’s Web site said he and a friend are selling the vehicle, but that they never intended to make money “off the victims or their families.”

“It’s just trying to make the most of it and get rid of it,” said the caller, who declined to give his name.

He said his friend had bought the car and “doesn’t want to just trash it. . . . So we want to try and recoup those costs, and if we make a few bucks on top of it, so be it.”

So if you’re not trying to make money off the victims or not trying to trivialize Columbine then why are you advertising it as Dylan Klebold’s car?

I’m not going to go on a long rant about this. I just have some advice for the guys trying to sell the car. Keep the money you paid for the car. If you make any profit I would suggest donating it to charity because karma can be a bitch, as they say.

If I had the money I’d buy it myself so I could trash it and send it to the pits of hell to be reunited with its owner.

Klebold’s car on eBay

Klebold Columbine Car Pulled From Online Auction:

The car that once belonged to Columbine killer and scumbag Dylan Klebold, which was carrying explosives the day of the massacre, was almost auctioned off on eBay. The auctioned was pulled off of eBay for violating their terms of service in regard to “murderabilia”.

The car was turned back over to Klebold’s parents a year later and its ownership after that point was not known.

The seller of the car did not respond to e-mails from the Rocky Mountain News seeking comment but posted a comment earlier on eBay that the vehicle was purchased without knowing the previous ownership.

“Once I found out it was Klebold’s I put it up here,” the seller wrote. He indicated the car is still in the Denver area.

I wonder how many of the mutants will make the trek to Denver to try to find this car so they can live out their mutant masturbatory fantasies.

Speaking of the mutants this is what some of them had to say about the car being auctioned off…

omg thats horrible. i wouldn’t buy it i might get haunted by dylan because it’s his personal belonging. i hear if you have personal belonging of a deceased person they will followyou around and haunt you. don’t know if it’s tue or not..

All righty then. 🙄

And then there was this…

What are you all fussing about?! I *so* would have bought it if I could have! And most of you would be lying if you said you didn’t want it!

There was no word if any of the female mutants wanted to conceive Klebold’s ghost babies in it.