It was nice while it lasted: The FDA just killed vaping

It was nice while it lasted: The FDA just killed vaping


First off, I’m not one of these guys who goes on about mods or ohms who blows big clouds of vapor while entering vaping competitions. What I am is a man who after 30 years of smoking was able to finally quit after discovering vaping. I tried the patch, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers, and prescription drugs. None of them worked for me as effectively as e-cigarettes and vaping. I started off using national brand e-cigs. Those e-cigs don’t really allow you to gradually wean off of the nicotine like vaping does so I switched to vaping. In the past three years, I have not had any cigarettes, not even a cheat smoke. I could not have done that without vaping. I’m not the only person who has done this.

Apparently, the FDA had a problem with this many people quitting smoking as this past week they enacted regulations which treat vaping and e-cigarettes the same as tobacco. What does that mean exactly?

That means nearly every e-cigarette on the market — and every different flavor and nicotine level — would require a separate application for federal approval. Each application could cost $1 million or more, says Jeff Stier, an e-cigarette advocate with the National Center for Public Policy Research and industry officials.

Think of your favorite vape store and think of all the flavors they have in all the different nicotine strengths. Each flavor in each different strength would cost a juice manufacturer a million dollars apiece. Your local vape store can’t even begin to afford that. What’s going to be left is juice made by the major tobacco companies. If you’ve ever tried that juice it only comes in one nicotine strength, full strength, and they taste like gasoline and are just as smooth.

So what does the government have to say about killing what is essentially the most successful smoking cessation process?

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell says, “There are many other cessation tools available.”

Only ones that aren’t as effective. The ones they are talking about, patches, gum, and pills, are the ones that are already paying money to the FDA to be on the market.

Let’s not forget about smoking either. This regulation will send too many back to smoking and whether you want to believe it or not that’s what the government wants. They say they’re concerned about people, especially ‘the children’, going from vaping to smoking but this is exactly what they want. The FDA could ban tobacco anytime they wanted. They choose not to because of all the tax money that the government gets from smoking.

So congratulations FDA, you’ve done exactly the opposite of what your organization was intended to do.

Another E-Cig explodes; what the media is not telling


A 14-year-old boy from Brooklyn, New York is said to be partially blinded after an e-cigarette exploded in his face at a kiosk at a mall that was selling the apparatus. The article I linked to is from Fox News which does tend to be sensationalistic but it’s a symptom of a larger problem when it comes to the media and vaping.

First off the ‘kiosk’ was obviously not all that concerned about carding someone who they were trying to sell a nicotine product to. That may be an indicator that they may be trying to sell substandard products. Secondly let’s take the word e-cigarette out of the equation and replace it with another common item. If the headline read ’14-year-old left blinded after car explodes’ would we be calling for the entire auto industry to be shut down? Next, not all e-cigarettes or vaporizers are the same. Was it a high-end brand name or some kind of knock off made in a third world country? And lastly how many fires today are still caused by careless cigarette use despite the ‘fire safety’ cigarettes they sell now? They’re still on the market and show no sign of ever being removed.

Vaping is not for everyone. I get that. However it has helped an overabundance of people kick the habit of smoking. So when a fear mongering article like this one shows up in the media about vaping, question it like you should most melodramatic articles written by an exaggerating media.

More research tries to link e-cigs to formaldehyde


A letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine has tried linking e-cigs and vaping to dangerous levels of formaldehyde and much like the Japanese study before it, it exaggerates the actual danger.

Once again one might be inclined to read just the headline that states ‘E-Cigarettes Can Churn Out High Levels Of Formaldehyde’, read no further and think that’s all there is to the story. Once again however the true details are buried deep within the article.

From the ninth and tenth paragraphs in the article…

“We simulated vaping by drawing the vapor — the aerosol — into a syringe, sort of simulating the lungs,” Peyton says. That enabled the researchers to conduct a detailed chemical analysis of the vapor. They found something unexpected when the devices were dialed up to their highest settings.

“To our surprise, we found masked formaldehyde in the liquid droplet particles in the aerosol,” Peyton says.

That’s like saying “when we turned up the volume on a TV to the highest level we found evidence of hearing damage”. No one cranks it up to the highest setting. Not only that but what brand of e-cigs or e-juice did they test? What goes for one brand does not mean it happens for all brands across the board.

Hell, I may be biased since vaping has helped me quit smoking after 30 years but I just can’t understand why so many people are trying to discredit a method that has helped so many people get off cigarettes where most other methods have failed.

Vaping will make you a cocaine addict say researchers


In a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, a pair or researchers claim that e-cigs and vaping will make you predisposed to becoming a cocaine addict. The researchers made this bold claim after testing mice with cocaine and nicotine. They claim that the mice that were given nicotine before cocaine had more of a craving for the cocaine.

I realize I don’t have the background or education that these researchers have but this study sounds like a load of crap. I smoked for 30 years and I’ve been vaping for one. Never in my life have I snorted a line of cocaine. Granted that is anecdotal evidence however I’ve known a lot of smokers and vapers in my time who have also never tried cocaine. I’ve also known cocaine users who refused to smoke because they thought it was unhealthy but that’s another story.

Without trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist I think a lot of these studies about cigarette replacements like e-cigs are mostly scare tactics designed to get people to keep smoking. Vaping isn’t even a gateway to smoking like a lot of people claim. That would be like saying that methadone is a gateway to heroin. The majority of people only vape so they don’t have to smoke anymore.

In favor of flavors


As I’m sure most of you know one of the big arguments against vaping and e-cigs is some of the sweeter flavors that they come in. A lot of people are convinced that flavors like cotton candy, that they always mention. will draw kids into vaping which will then lead to smoking. I know that sounds ludicrous but you’d be surprised how many people in positions of power believe that.

Anyway I was reading this article from the New York Times about the flavor controversy and it made me realize something. While I still enjoy the occasional tobacco flavored juice I can see why some people would not want that as they are former smokers trying to get away from that habit.

So if vaping and e-cigs were only limited to tobacco or menthol flavors not only would that create a temptation for former smokers to go back to smoking that could also actually lead kids who may be using e-cigs to smoke actual cigarettes.

Politicians are too stupid for their own good sometimes and they’re the ones deciding our fates.

Missouri Governor vetoes bill that would classify e-cigs as non-tobacco


I briefly talked about the Missouri bill on vaping and e-cigs here. At that time I thought it was just another bill that would ban sales to minors. However the bill also contained a clause that would classify e-cigs and vaping as non-tobacco products. Because of that clause Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the bill.

Again, you would think that public officials that are always saying how concerned they are with the public’s health would welcome an effective alternative to smoking that doesn’t carry the multitude of health risks that smoking does. As I’ve said time and time again this is all about money. It’s about the taxes that state governments place on tobacco that must pay a lot of salaries.

Remember kids, a politician’s only real job is to get re-elected.

TSA cool with vaporizers, except one for obvious reasons

On their Instagram account the TSA recently said that vaporizers and e-cigs are ok to travel with. Unless you’re a moron who thinks it’s ok to go through airport security with a mod that looks like this.


I don’t know if the manufacturers of that mod intended it to look like a grenade, but it looks like a grenade. Don’t believe me?


Lots of similarity there.

So don’t be the idiot that shuts down an entire airport. Don’t think it will happen? I was once flying out of Philadelphia once when the airport was shutdown because some idiot had a grenade belt buckle and then decided he was going to make an issue out of it.

Don’t be that guy.

What does the American Cancer Society have against vaping?


I’m reading this article about how Missouri is getting ready to pass age restrictions on vaping and e-cigarettes. Nothing new really. The same old under 18 ban. As we keep saying most vendors won’t sell to anyone under 18 anyway but a law doesn’t really hurt.

What really caught my eye about this article was the reaction of someone from the Missouri branch of the American Cancer Society.

“We still don’t know that these are safe,” said Stacy Reliford, Missouri government relations director of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. “That’s our greatest concern.”

“Our bottom-line concern is that it defines e-cigarettes as something other than a tobacco product,” Reliford said. “The nicotine in an e-cigarette is derived from tobacco.”

They want vaping and e-cigs to be regarded as tobacco products even though there is no tobacco in them just because the nicotine is derived from tobacco. Now I could understand if vaping and e-cigs were without a doubt proven to be as cancerous as cigarettes but they haven’t yet. I doubt they will be but that’s beside the point. Why are they so quick to ban a device or delivery system that has helped so many people from inhaling the known poisonous cloud of cigarettes?

Maybe it’s self-preservation? If more people quit smoking then maybe fewer people get lung cancer. If cancer rates drop dramatically due to more people quitting then fewer people may donate to the ACS. Am I saying that this is a fact? No, of course not. However it is something to think about until the ACS comments or proves otherwise.

Politicians want vaping banned on airlines who already ban it


Politicians really make my head hurt with just how clueless and out of touch they with the American public. Recently seven US Senators, all Dems for those of you that care, called on the Department of Transportation to ban vaping and e-cigs on all US commercial flights. The thing is that all commercial carriers in the US already ban vaping and e-cigs on their flights without government interference.

Why do we need a government ban if there is a private ban already in place? Your tax dollars at work people.

Here’s a list of the Malfeasant Seven…

Signing on to the letter were Barbara Boxer of California, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Tom Harkin of Iowa, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Edward Markey of Massachusetts.

I’m not surprised to see Blumenthal on there but where is Senator Jeff Merkley? This is right up his alley. Maybe he’s too busy working on a ban of anything that has a flavor from being carried on a plane.

Oregon Senator thinks e-cigs will hook children on tobacco

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) The D stands for Dumbass.

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) The D stands for Dumbass.

If you live in Oregon and you voted Senator Jeff Merkley into office, please allow me to say thanks for nothing.

I’ve posted about Merkley before when he was fighting against vaping flavors for the children. Well, he’s back in the news with possibly the most ignorant statement I’ve ever heard about vaping and e-cigs…

“All of these are designed to addict children to tobacco,” he said after a meeting at the Multnomah County Building. “What the cigarette companies know is that adults don’t start using tobacco. Ninety-plus percent of tobacco users as adults began as teenagers.”

Are you for real? While I agree that most people who smoke started as kids where does he get off saying that e-cigs are designed to get kids hooked on tobacco? As far as I know only one tobacco company in the U.S. makes an e-cig. They’re not designed to get kids hooked on smoking. They’re designed mostly as an alternative to smoking with the added benefit of helping people to quit. I can’t see how e-cigs and vaping could possibly convince someone to smoke considering all the drawbacks associated with smoking. Not just the health concerns but the social stigmas as well. If I were to actually smoke a cigarette today I would choke and cough like there’s no tomorrow. Similarly to what I did when I first inhaled tobacco smoke. If any underage kid actually used an e-cig and then tried a cigarette and then switched to smoking I’d me amazed.

I would lay odds that Senator Merkley has probably never smoked a cigarette in his life although he does set a great example of how politicians in this country have become completely out of touch with its citizens.