Vaping isn’t for infants

Vaping isn't for infants

I’ve not made it any secret that I smoked cigarettes for 30 years. I used several different methods to try to quit. Patches, gum, and a stupid little alarm clock that was supposed to wean me off cigarettes but was about as effective as an actual alarm clock. Then after one too many cigarettes sent me to the ER, I finally kicked the smoking habit for good by using e-cigarettes and eventually vaping. In those 5 years, I haven’t even had a single cheat cigarette, granted I still have a nicotine addiction I’m trying to shake.

One of the biggest problems with vaping is it’s a douchey activity. Just the terms vape and vaping sound douchey, the equipment looks douchey, the names of the flavors of the juices sound douchey, and the people who complain about not being able to vape inside establishments claiming ‘I’m not smoking, I’m vaping’ are incredibly douchey. Then there are douchebags like 30-year-old Dustin Appenzeller of Racine, Wisconsin who aren’t helping matters.

Vaping isn't for infants

Dustin Appenzeller

Appenzeller was recently arrested after allegedly giving nicotine juice used for vaping, also known as e-juice, to his nine-week-old infant. He reportedly did it for the usual reasons these troglodytes give children anything, “I don’t know. He was crying. I was really tired.” And he says he’s done it before.

This guy can’t be for real. Anyone with an iota of intelligence knows nicotine is a stimulant. You don’t give kids meth when they can’t sleep do you? That’s not even taking into account that nicotine poisoning is a real thing which is another reason why so many politicians are down on vaping. Politicians are afraid kids will drink the juice considering many of them have candy-like flavors, and this assclown just goes ahead and gives it to his kid.

Normally, I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, but it would be no skin off of my nose if this guy started smoking four packs of Luckys a day.

If a child has consumed nicotine juice call the American Association of Poison Control Centers at 1-800-222-1222 or online at

Trench reviews Haus Premium Vape Juice

Trench reviews Haus Premium Vape Juice

So a couple of weeks ago I made a vaping mistake. I decided it was time to switch to a nicotine free juice which I purchased from my local vape store. Apparently, I wasn’t ready to go nicotine free just yet. I didn’t feel like I was having any physical withdraws, but I was definitely being cranky AF, as the kids say. I do have to say that it was nowhere near as bad as cigarette withdraw. So I decided to go back to my vape store and buy some 3mg juice, then it started to snow. It snowed to the point where I felt my local vape store didn’t feel as local as it normally did.

Since it was snowing I needed to go to Wal-Mart for the usual emergency supplies. Whenever I go to the World of Wallace I tend to check out in the cigarette checkout line to see if they have any new vaping stuff, that’s when I saw Premium Vaping Juice by Haus. Haus’ previous attempts at juice I categorized as gas station juice because the nicotine content was too high and it burned like gasoline, however their new juice was only 4mg of nicotine. Against my better judgement I bought a 30ml bottle of the Zomberry flavor (non-sponsored link) and I was pleasantly surprised as it actually tasted pretty good. Most commercial juices, in my opinion, have this real bad chemical or synthetic taste to it and the Haus Premium Juice did not. While not the best tasting juice I’ve ever had, it did in a pinch.

The only real problem I had with it was the price. I can get a 30ml bottle at my local vape store for $10 and change. A 30ml bottle of Haus Premium Juice was over $22 at Wal-Mart. However, it’s not so expensive that you would pass it up in an emergency situation like mine. So if you find yourself in need a of juice and you can’t make it to your vape store then the Haus Premium Juice is your best bet.

Additionally, I think that juices like this will be the future of vaping considering the FDA’s impending financial crackdown. While our local vape stores may become a thing of the past it’s a little nice to see that not all national brand juices will taste like hot garbage.

Trench’s e-juice tip: Avoid the gas station


I’ve been thinking about this for a while but just now decided to finally put my theory on vaping e-juices to text.

While you can use just about any vaping pen or mod from anywhere to get you started or help you out in case of an emergency, like the Haus products, my advice on e-juice is the exact opposite. Any time you need e-juice you should always buy it from a specialty vape store.

Every time I’ve bought juice from a drug store or gas station or what have you the juice has always been substandard. Most of it tastes really harsh and has a distinct chemical-like taste to it. Not only that but a lot of them are heavily colored to he point where they can permanently stain your tank. I’ve even had some leave their bitter aftertaste permanently on the tank no matter how much I cleaned it. Depending on what kind of tank you use that can get expensive. Also, even when going to a vape store try to stick to juices that aren’t colored. In my opinion the best juices are clear to clearish with maybe just a slight hue. If you can’t see through the juice it’s not a quality product in my opinion.

So what happens when it’s 3am and you find yourself out of juice? Try to avoid this situation at all costs by having plenty of juice on hand. However if you do find yourself in that situation the only product I can even remotely recommend is the FIN Advanced Vaping V-Tank. They’re the best of the worst.

In favor of flavors


As I’m sure most of you know one of the big arguments against vaping and e-cigs is some of the sweeter flavors that they come in. A lot of people are convinced that flavors like cotton candy, that they always mention. will draw kids into vaping which will then lead to smoking. I know that sounds ludicrous but you’d be surprised how many people in positions of power believe that.

Anyway I was reading this article from the New York Times about the flavor controversy and it made me realize something. While I still enjoy the occasional tobacco flavored juice I can see why some people would not want that as they are former smokers trying to get away from that habit.

So if vaping and e-cigs were only limited to tobacco or menthol flavors not only would that create a temptation for former smokers to go back to smoking that could also actually lead kids who may be using e-cigs to smoke actual cigarettes.

Politicians are too stupid for their own good sometimes and they’re the ones deciding our fates.

Chuck Schumer wants childproof caps for all e-juice


United States Senator Charles Schumer from the Blommbergist Commonwealth of New York has never been one to shy away from over-regulation. So it should come as no surprise that Chuck wants to require all nicotine e-juices to come with childproof caps.

According to the article calls to New York state poison control went up from 46 calls in 2013 to 70 in 2014, in a state of almost 20 million. I would lay odds that they get more calls about poisonings from things that already come with childproof caps like prescription medication and bleach.

Schumer also has to trot out the candy flavors trope as well…

“With flavors like bubble gum and chocolate, it’s no wonder children are attracted to e-liquid in the hopes that it’s candy,” Schumer.

The thing is Chuck you can get childproof bottles from most reputable vaping outlets and if your local one doesn’t have one they can be ordered online. Not to mention that most kids can open child proof caps anyway.

Once again clueless politicians are too willing to waste taxpayer money over trivial B.S.

One of the principles this country was founded on was freedom of choice. Apparently choice has been replaced by ‘mandates’.

State of New York looking to ban e-juice

New York State House in Albany. Doesn't it look like a super-villain should live here?

New York State House in Albany. Doesn’t it look like a super-villain should live here?

Not happy with just trying to ban vaping indoors for ludicrous reasons the state of New York is now looking to ban e-juices all together.

The current bill is called Bill S6939B-2013 and here’s what it says…

Prohibits the sale or provision of any quantity of electronic liquid used to refill an electronic cigarette or cartridge; defines “electronic liquid” as any liquid composed of nicotine and other chemicals that is sold for use in electronic cigarettes.

Not only would that effectively kill the vaping industry in New York but it would put a lot of people out of work not to mention the business owners themselves. Is the state going to reimburse them for their losses? I seriously doubt it. For some reason pre-filled e-cigs like Blu are exempt from this ban.

The state claims they’re doing this for health reasons. So why don’t they ban smoking too or instead of? As I’ve said before there are too many people in the government making money off of tobacco whether it’s the politicians themselves or doctors and scientists doing tobacco studies. None of them want to see the money disappear.

If you live in the Empire State and want to contact you representative to tell them how stupid this bill is you can find their information here. I would recommend either writing an actual letter to them or making a phone call to their office. This is what gets their attention the most. Don’t forget to always be polite when dealing with government figures. It makes us appear more credible in discussing our opinions.

Don't buy your e-juice at flea markets

The preceding video is from WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando, Florida. It’s actually a very good segment they did on vaping. However this is the headline they lead with on their website…

Counterfeit FDA seal on E-cigarette ‘juice’

Towards the end of the video they talk about FDA regulation and they show e-juice that was purchased at a flea market bearing the FDA logo on it as to indicate FDA approval. Now, I love some flea markets, I spent a lot of time at the Berlin Farmers Market in New Jersey and got a great deal on one of my infamous trench coats there. Flea markets can be great for deals but they can also be a haven for knock offs.

These false labels are not a common occurrence among vaping vendors. As much as you can get a great deal at a flea market some things are worth paying the extra money for.

Candy makers want their names off of e-juices

Not an e-cig

Not an e-cig

We’ve all heard the argument that e-cigs and vaping are targeted towards children because they have flavors like cotton candy and bubble gum. I don’t believe that argument but it doesn’t help our case when some e-juice manufacturers are using the actual names of candy products.

Owners of brands geared toward children of all ages are battling to keep notable names like Thin Mint, Tootsie Roll and Cinnamon Toast Crunch off the flavored nicotine used in electronic cigarettes.

General Mills Inc., the Girl Scouts of the USA and Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. are among several companies that have sent cease-and-desist letters to makers of the liquid nicotine demanding they stop using the brands and may take further legal action if necessary.

Let me speak for all vapers everywhere to the makers of e-juices with these trademark infringing names. YOU’RE NOT HELPING!

You’re just giving the ill-informed anti-vaping zealots more ammunition for their ignorance guns. Change the names dumbasses.