Australian boy died from ear infection in house full of crap

The definition of crap is up to you…

Sick boy died in Adelaide house of squalor:

In October of 2006 10-year-old Jarrad Roberts of Adelaide, South Australia was taken to a health clinic with a fever, pain in his neck and bleeding from his ear. The clinic said he had an ear infection for five days and they recommended he be taken immediately to the hospital. Instead Jarrad’s birth organism took him home and gave him antibiotics which I would lay odds were prescribed for something not even remotely related to an ear infection. Jarrad collapsed minutes later. He died only a few hours later at the hospital.

When police and the coroner went to investigate the house you can pretty much guess what they found. The house was filled with garbage, rotting food, and feces. You can get all the nasty details in the article. I won’t go into them because I just ate.

An inquest has been launched by Australian officials into why Jarrad did not receive proper medical treatment.

I can save the Australian taxpayers a lot of money. The reason he didn’t receive proper medical treatment is because his so-called mother is an unfeeling idiot. Bleeding from the ear is usually a sign that something is gravely wrong. And how can someone who claims to be a parent leave their child in pain for five days like that?

Thanks to Stacey for the tip.