eBay blocks Loquo from US

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Ebay Takes Down U.S. Access To Loquo Amid Sex Trafficking Allegations:

EBay pulls ads site after sex allegations:

Yesterday I posted about how craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster ranted about prostitution ads on eBay owned Spanish classifieds site Loquo.

eBay could have scored a huge public relations coup by pulling the section from their site. Instead the only thing they did was to block access to Loquo from the US web surfers.

Again this is not surprising considering eBay is part owner of craigslist. Apparently they’ve picked up some of their more shady business practices.

Buckmaster Blogs: Throwing eBay under the bus

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Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster seems perturbed in this blog post on the official craigslist blog about a Facebook group. The Facebook group is entitled Stop Craigslist Human Trafficking – Choose Ebay Classifieds.

Before I get to Jimmy B I have to address this Facebook group. While eBay Classifieds (the former Kijiji in the US) has a pretty good human trafficking record I can’t endorse this group as the typical scams that plague craigslist also run rampant on eBay Classifieds.

Now back to Jimmy. In his blog post Jimmy basically says that since eBay Classifieds also has ads for prostitution that it’s ok for craigslist to have them too. Except it’s not eBay Classifieds that Mr. Buckmaster actually cites. The links that he provides are to a classifieds site called Loquo that is basically a craigslist like site based in Spain. eBay did not develop Loquo, they bought it in 2005.

As usual Mr. Buckmaster leaves some details out such as the fact that while eBay has a possibly rogue site in Spain that has prostitution ads craigslist has prostitution ads all over the world.

Not to mention the fact that according to Wikipedia eBay owns a 25% stake in craigslist. So even if you use eBay classifieds you’re still indirectly supporting craigslist.

Thanks to Suzanne for the tip.