Creep busted for soliciting teen on MeetMe


Man arrested for targeting teen for sex:

In case you haven’t heard MyYearbook has been rebranded as MeetMe. I guess they were trying to get away from that pedophile vibe. The problem is there are still creepers a plenty on it.

For example take 21-year-old Edward Cebada of Rio Rancho, New Mexico. (Wow, so far from Pennsylvania) He was recently arrested for allegedly trying to get a 13-year-old girl to meet him for sex via the social network. Cebada was said to have lied about his age then came clean with his intended victim. Luckily this girl had a head on her shoulders…

Online she told him, “Ur a creep!” “20-years-old and hitting on 13 year olds!”

She also asks him to leave her and her friends alone.

This girl’s parents should be commended. Or whoever taught her not to fall for some creeper’s kine of crap.

Cebada also allegedly told police that he solicited at least 15 other underage girls.

Parents, teach your daughters to be like this girl. Teach them that there are dangerous creeps like this out on the internet. Teach them that they will say anything to get what they want. And specifically teach them that if they make the wrong decision it could be the difference between life and death.

And parents, as always, if your kids don’t learn these lessons remember what I always say. You are the only real line of defense between your kids and online predator. Before educating your kids educate yourself.