$7M Wall Street prostitution ring busted


$7 million prostitution ring busted in New York City, police say:

Police bust prostitution ring catering to Wall Street:

In New York City the NYPD busted a major prostitution ring that involved an ‘escort service’ called High Class NY. Those indicted were Mikhail Yampolsky, his wife Bronislava Yampolsky, their son Alexander Yapolsky, a stepson Jonathan Yampolskaya, and two investors Efim Gorelik and Yakov Maystrovich. They’ve been charged with enterprise corruption, promoting prostitution, money laundering, and criminal sale of a controlled substance since they allegedly provided coke to their clients as well. Not surprisingly High Class NY is said to have advertised on both craigslist and backpage.

What does surprise me is that there hasn’t been a charge of human trafficking. Call me racist if you want but a ‘family’ with Eastern European names smacks of organized crime. Eastern European organized crime is infamous for human trafficking.

Apparently the reality of human trafficking is still not out there in America. If you click on the CNN article (top link) and check out the comments you’ll notice the plethora a of ignorant comments who still think that prostitution, no matter how much is being paid for it, is some glamorized profession that needs to be legalized and isn’t a real crime.

Pretty Woman was just a movie and things like that do not happen in real life.