The Trench Reynolds Report

All Crime Is Personal

This is almost a repost from 2004. Let’s hope this time my hopes are fulfilled.

  1. A clear winner. Hopefully there will be enough of a difference in the results so the election won’t be in dispute.
  2. If someone concedes be a man of your word and stick to it. Al Gore could have saved this country a lot of frustrations and liberal cries of a stolen election if he had just stuck to his word.
  3. If Sentaor McCain wins that the Democrats won’t go on for another 4 years about “stolen elections” or rigged voting.
  4. If Senator Obama wins that Republican party will regret the loss, congratulate Senator Obama and focus on 2012.
  5. That the news media shows a modicum of partiality and not declare winners in states that are still too close to call. If the media didn’t declare Gore the winner in Florida too early we wouldn’t have had the problems we did in 2000.
  6. That the people who say they’ll leave the country if McCain gets elected actually leave if he gets elected. The same goes for those who said they’d leave if Senator Obama gets elected. Country first, party second people.
  7. That if Sentaor Obama loses that his supporters won’t riot.
  8. That if Senator Obama wins that his supporters don’t riot.
  9. That if Senator Obama loses that his supporters don’t commit mass ritual suicide or speak of conspiracies.
  10. This bears repeating. That when we all wake up on November 5th we have one clear winner, a gracious loser, and citizens who can get on with their lives.
  11. I know I’m hoping for too much.
    As always it was your pleasure.