Woman stabbed two-year-old with scissors

Montague mother accused of trying to kill girl with scissors:

38-year-old Susan R. Johnson of Montague, Mass. is being held after she not only allegedly stabbed her two-year-old daughter with scissors but strangled her with an electrical cord too.

A security guard at the Gardner, Mass. apartment complex caught Johnson stabbing the child in the complex’s laundry room. After the guard got the scissors away from her she grabbed the cord from the dryer and began choking the child.

After the guard and other residents freed the child and subdued Johnson she was heard to have screamed such things as “I’ve got to kill you” and “Die! Die! Die!”

Her lawyer claims she suffers from depression and was off her meds. He also delivered this quote…

“Obviously she has some health issues.”

Ya think?

Luckily the child survived and is now in the custody of DCF.

Thanks to Lindsey for the tip.