Alaska woman triggers false Amber Alert

Alaska mother implicated in infant’s disappearance:

20-year-old Elisa LaCroix reported her 3-week-old son Ethan missing which prompted the first Amber Alert in Alaskan history. Except the baby wasn’t really missing.

Police say that LaCroix claimed that she put her son in his crib and when the baby’s father, Kaid LaCroix, went to check on him he was gone. It’s alleged that instead of putting Ethan in his crib she handed the baby out the window to a friend of hers. The baby was found 3 days later with the friend unharmed. The friend is not facing charges.

The reason behind aqll this is allegedly because LaCroix and her husband are going through a divorce and she was afraid of losing the baby to him.

Thanks to D&B for the tip.

LaCroix implicated her ex-boyfriend in the abduction. She also previously accused him of rape which turned out to be false. she was already under house arrest at the time of Ethan’s disappearance.

If she was afraid of losing the baby before I’m pretty sure it’s guaranteed now.