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Lessons in journalism and The Myth courtesy of the Daily Mail

Actual Daily Mail headline

Actual Daily Mail headline

Bullied schoolboy, 16, ‘plotted British Columbine-style massacre targeting schools, mosques, cinemas and 19 teachers and pupils’:

There’s a trial going on over in England right now where a teenager is accused of not only plotting to attack his school but also theaters and mosques.

While reporting on this the Daily Mail calls the suspect a bullied school boy in the above headline then goes on to describe him not only as a self-avowed neo-nazi but also as a racist, a fan of the English Defence League, and a mutant. Well they didn’t use the M word per se but did add that he was a fan of Columbine.

Yeah, if you’re going to be a neo-nazi racist you’re probably going to draw some negative attention to yourself so if this kid was bullied he more than likely brought it upon himself.

When large publications use the word bullied in a headline like this it’s not only a pathetic grab for attention but it perpetuates the myth about school shooters being bullied when the majority of them were not.

UPDATE 11/3/2013: While I expect this kind of thing from the Daily Mail it seems the much vaunted BBC has gotten into the act as well. Here’s the headline they went with recently.


That headline is supposed to catch your eye and I would assume most people would take the headline at face value without further reading the article where they would find this quote.

The defendant told the Old Bailey he had been called a Nazi, a fascist and a racist, at school.

That’s because he is all of those things. If you publicly embrace these kind of ideas you’re inviting abuse on yourself and you don’t deserve any sympathy.

UPDATE 12/8/2013: Back in November the jury deadlocked and a retrial has been ordered.

UPDATE 5/31/2014: The little racist bastard was acquitted after the jury deadlocked again. Sleep well Great Britain as he walks among you.

UPDATE 7/5/2014: It seems there has been a modicum of justice as the suspect has been ‘detained indefinitely’ for mental health issues.

Ask.fm and cyberbullying suicides

Social network site pledges changes after teen suicide uproar:


Ask.fm is a Q&A type of social network. Users can field questions about themselves from registered or anonymous users. Think of it being more like Formspring rather than Quora. For example here’s my ask.fm profile that I just signed up for. Recently a 14-year-old girl from England committed suicide after allegedly being harassed on the site. I’m not going to mention her name because in a moment it may seem like to some that I’m disrespecting the victim and all victims of cyberbullying.

The solution to cyberbullying is relatively simple. If you can’t handle negativity and harassment from anonymous lowlifes on the internet don’t put yourself out there. I would say that most 14-year-old girls aren’t mentally ready for that kind of pressure. I wish I could say the answer was for everybody to be tolerant to everyone else but that’s not a reality. The hard truth is that there are always going to be intolerant assholes and the more they can be anonymous the bigger the asshole they’re going to be. This is not only for kids but for adults as well. Do you think I could blog for 13 years without being able to take the barbs from various mutants and trolls?

Again my advice for parents is to check up on your kids’ internet and smart phone activity to see if they’re on sites like ask.fm. If you don’t think they’re ready to handle that kind of abuse then there is no need for them to be on ask.fm or any other Q&A site. Tumblr has that function as well.

Facebook vigilantes falsely shame one man, cause death of another

On my personal Facebook I’m always going on about how people shouldn’t just re-share everything they see on Facebook. Facebook has become a dumping ground for every misinformed story and urban legend on the internet. I’m about to show you two examples of why you shouldn’t do that.

First we go to Toledo, Ohio where a man by the name of Chad Michael Lesko was falsely accused of child rape in the following post…


You read that right. That post was shared over 25,000 times. Mr. Lesko and his mother received a number of death threats because of this. However the post was allegedly made because Lesko broke up with a friend of the false accuser. Mr. Lesko even admits that he was molested by his father as a boy and says that he would never go down that road. While Mr. Lesko is trying to piece his life back together Steven Rudderham can no longer do that.

Steven Rudderham

Steven Rudderham

Mr. Rudderham of Hull, England had admonished a 14-year-old girl on Facebook for publicly giving her contact information to a 60-year-old man that she didn’t know. Apparently someone didn’t care for that and posted his name and address on Facebook claiming that Mr. Rudderham was a pedophile. Of course that was shared and re-shared by the Facebook hive mind. Much like Mr. Lesko, Mr. Rudderham had also received several death threats. He was so distraught over the posts and threats that he hung himself in a graveyard.

So stop and think before you re-share that post labeling somebody as a pedophile or danger to children, it may not be true and it may lead to dire consequences. All it takes is a simple Google search to see if it’s true or not. Don’t be just another Facebook follower, be a voice of reason and truth.

Another UK pedo gets a slap on the wrist

Bernard Volk

Bernard Volk

21-year-old Bernard Volk of Hastings, Sussex, England has been sentenced to a mere six years for having sex (even in the UK I still call it child rape) with three underage girls.

With one of his victims not only was he trying to get her pregnant by puncturing the condoms but when she broke off the relationship he posted explicit images and videos of her on his Facebook.

With another victim he contacted and groomed her over Facebook. His child obsession was so complete that he bought the girl a Tinkerbell outfit. Hopefully his name in prison will be Tinkerbell.

So he’ll be 27 when he gets out. Plenty of time for him to claim more victims when he gets out. Apparently the mindset for scumbags like this in the UK is that short sentences are ok as a Detective Inspector from Sussex said “Volk is a predatory paedophile and he has received a substantial sentence today, which reflects the serious nature of his offences.”

I vehemently disagree that this sentence was substantial. It was anything but.

And on a non-related note pierced lips on a guy make you like a douche.

Netlog grooming investigation leads to charges of toddler rape

Paul Anthony Wilson

Paul Anthony Wilson

In Birmingham, England police there were investigating 20-year-old Paul Anthony Wilson for grooming underage girls on the European based social site Netlog. As is common with predators like Wilson he was blackmailing girls into performing sex acts on their webcams. His victims were between the ages of 12 and 15.

When investigators caught wind of Wilson’s activity they went through his computer and discovered child porn on it. Not just any child porn but child porn that Wilson was involved in.

You see, Wilson was an employee of a children’s nursery where he committed the oral rape of a 2 to 3-year-old girl.

Wilson has pleaded guilty to the charges against him and is looking at a life sentence. The thing is England is notorious for under sentencing monsters like Wilson, at least in my opinion. He’ll probably end up getting a slap on the wrist if history of this site is any indicator.

Not enough time for Julie Carr

Julie Carr

Julie Carr

Woman sentenced after streaming sex abuse of daughter over webcam:

I originally posted about the slagtastic 30-year-old (really?) Julie Carr here. She’s the axe wound from Maine who was busted for web streaming herself ‘performing oral sex’ (ie molesting) her youngest daughter who at the time of Carr’s arrest was 18 months old.

Carr was sentenced recently to 15 years for child abuse and 20 years for child porn. It’s only the 20 year sentence that matters though because some dumbass in a black robe decided that the sentences should be served concurrently instead of consecutively.

I never understood the point of concurrent sentences especially for the lowest form of scum like this who inserted her tongue into the vagina of her own 18-month-old daughter. I gagged just typing that. Concurrent sentences should be reserved for people in minor crimes that are looking at some county time not child molesters who internationally broadcast herself molesting her own child.

I can’t decide if she should have a giant Wile E. Coyote sized boulder dropped on her or if she should be bound by her hands and feet in the prison yard naked and let both male and female inmates take their turns with her anyway they see fit.