Craigslist ad for child baths leads to arrest for child rape

Eric Bard

Eric Bard

Sidney man charged with raping 4-year-old girl, recording acts:

A concerned citizen in Maine noticed an ad on their local craigslist that was posted by someone who said that were interested in giving baths to young children. I can only imagine what section of craigslist that was on in order to get someone to call police about it. Here’s the amazing part, the ad was actually flagged and wait for it….REMOVED by craigslist. Someone call hell and ask them if their heater’s busted.

Anyway the ad was tracked back to one 22-year-old Eric L. Bard of Sidney, Maine. Apparently the ad was enough probable cause for police to search Bard’s house and what do you think they found? Well after searching his six computers police say they found not only child porn but recordings of Bard allegedly raping a 4-year-old girl that he once baby sat for. Bard also allegedly admitted posting the ad as well.

I’m sure some of you may ask why would a pedophile post such an ad on such a public forum. The answer is simple. Craigslist is now where pedophiles and predators congregate. I’ve posted so many stories where creepers were caught when they though they were responding to a parent who was willing to sell their child on craigslist. That means that actual parents and/or legal guardians are pimping out their kids on craigslist and Bard was probably looking for one of those parents and their child.

While Bard’s ad may have been flagged and pulled there are probably thousands more just like residing on craigslist’s servers.