Prostitution ads remain on Canadian craigslists


Prostitute ads remain on Craigslist for Canadian cities:

The Canadian government is saying that while craigslist has removed the erotic services section from its site prostitution is still running rampant on craigslist. According to this article some of the ads have migrated to the therapeutic services section. This is the section that normally houses ads from legally licensed massage therapists, the non-happy ending kind.

This has long been a bone of contention (no pun intended) with massage therapists. They have long been saying that it’s hard for them to advertise on craigslist because their ads keep getting flagged by those who are not so legitimate.

This just goes to show that craigslist needs to be moderated as the so-called community policing is actually a tool used to intimidate those who are trying to make an honest living.

Erotic Services shut down worldwide on craigslist


Craigslist Shuts Down International “Adult Services” Sections:

It seems I spoke a little too soon. It seems that craigslist has in fact pulled erotic services for all its sites worldwide.

I personally went to the London, Sydney and Paris craiogslist sites and just like Canada erotic services is gone.

But again casual encounters still remains.

This should put immense heat on sites like the Village Voice Media owned into taking similar steps.

Craigslist removes erotic services in Canada


Craigslist removes erotic services ads:

It seems that with no fanfare or press conferences that craigslist has removed its erotic services section from its Canadian websites.

I went to the Toronto version of craigslist since T.O. supposedly has a big trafficking problem and sure enough not only is erotic services gone but so is the adult gigs section. Casual encounters is still there though so Canadians can still look for children to buy for sex on that section of the site but I digress.

3 countries down* and only 100+ more to go. Hopefully craigslist sees that human trafficking and prostitution in all forms is a global problem and will do this worldwide.

*US, Canada and Singapore

Erotic services removed from Singapore craigslist


Sex ads removed from Craigslist Singapore:

Craigslist has removed the erotic services section in Singapore after being asked to do so by the Media Development Authority of Singapore which as far as I can tell is some kind of government media watchdog group (read: censor).

Now while I’m happy that erotic services is gone from the Singapore craigslist it doesn’t mean all that much when prostitution is legal in Singapore and that its record on human trafficking is not exactly stellar.

Plus if you go to the Singapore craigslist casual encounters and adult gigs still remain. So basically this was a victory for no one who matters.

Ontario wants erotic services shut down now


Ontario tells Craigslist to axe prostitution ads now:

Two weeks after craigslist shut down the adult services section in the U.S. the provincial government of Ontario sent a letter to craigslist asking for them to do the same in their province. Craigslist responded by asking for a meeting with government officials. The Ontario government doesn’t want a meeting. They want erotic services gone and they want it gone yesterday.

“You have recently expressed an interest in meeting with us, but have not yet taken any steps to implement any such protections in Canada,” Bentley wrote to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster.

“The urgency to protect Ontario’s most vulnerable citizens cannot hinge on a meeting, and we expect you to begin removing this content without delay.”

Craigslist, as usual, is up to their old tricks. There was no response from them to the Canadian media. Didn’t they learn from what happened here in the U.S.? Yet they are still pussy footing around with governments trying to avoid removing the ads that exploit women and children all across Canada.

How does that saying got about those who forget the past?

Alberta calls for craigslist crackdown


Previously I posted about how the Canadian Provinces of Ottawa and Manitoba have called for the removal of the erotic services section of craigslist in their provinces. Now the province of Alberta has also joined in the crusade. Those within the provincial government have called erotic services a “thinly veiled cover for human trafficking.”

Some have criticized Alberta for taking too long to join in the fight but the same could be said for just about any government. By my calculations the erotic services section has been around for 10 years. Why no government decided to step in until last year is beyond me but you all took too long. I’m grateful that steps are being taken to curb the tide of human trafficking online but this could have been done so much sooner and that especially includes the U.S.

Provincial governments asking craigslist to shut down erotic services


The governments of Canadian provinces Ottawa and Manitoba have called upon craigslist to shut down the erotic services section much like they have in the U.S.

This is along the same lines of when the different US States Attorneys General battled craigslist to shut down the erotic/adult services section. With the US Attorneys General craigslist pussyfooted around for years implementing ‘guidelines’ for erotic services that were mainly for show. That makes me wonder if craigslist will play the same games with the Canadian MPs or will they just remove erotic services altogether? I get the feeling that craigslist will still play games.

As I’ve mentioned before craigslist’s erotic services section is alive and well in other countries and have undergone no changes like it has in the U.S. Hopefully this is a beginning for other countries to wake up to the fact that people are being trafficked in sexual slavery on craigslist.

Philly man admits to slashing throat of craigslist escort

Joseph C. Vignola Jr.

Joseph C. Vignola Jr.

Joseph Vignola Jr. admits attacking woman he met on Craigslist:

Angry looking little bastard isn’t he?

Anyway this is one of those stories that I don’t know how the hell I missed it when it happened. Back in 2008 Philadelphia police arrested Joseph C. Vignola Jr. for slashing the throat of an 18-year-old woman that he ‘met’ on the then erotic services section of craigslist.

The pair met at a hotel where they had sex then argued about something (money?) and Vignola punched her in the throat, sat on top of her until she passed out then slit her throat. And in true GTA style he took the money that he gave her.

To make matters worse Vignola tried blaming the assault on a ‘light skinned black man’ that supposedly broke in while they were having sex.

Last week the now 21-year-old son of a former Philly city councilman pleaded guilty to the brutal assault. He’s looking at 30 years but his equally slimy lawyer is trying to get him 4 1/2-7.

Vignola should be touted as the poster boy of the kind of scum that used to troll the erotic services and adult services section and that probably still trolls the casual encounters section and currently trolling the erotic services sections outside the US. A guy like this is also probably trolling the adult sections of backpage as well.

No monitoring means the inmates are running the asylum and this guy is the prototype.

RCMP wants craigslist to remove erotic services


RCMP wants Craigslist to block erotic ads in Canada:

While craigslist is in day 4 of its self-imposed ‘censorship’ the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are pressuring craigslist to remove the erotic services section in Canada. As I’ve mentioned before while craigslist has gone from erotic services to adult services to the infamous black bar erotic services is still alive and kicking all over the world outside of the U.S.

How does the saying go? Think globally but act locally? Now is the time to really put that notion to use in order to try to stop child prostitution and human trafficking all over the world.

Cook County comments on craigslist changes

Craigslist still offering a ‘good time’:

As we all know Cook County, Ill. Sheriff Tom Dart has filed a lawsuit against craigslist and Sheriff Dart personally called craigslist the largest pimp in the country. Well now the Cook County Sheriff’s Department is commenting on the recent ‘changes’ craigslist has put into place.

“It’s a little more politically correct, the name of it,” Cmdr. Mike Anton of the Cook County sheriff’s police special operations unit said in reference to the change in name from erotic to adult services. “But indications are that it is still being used to advertise prostitution.”

Cook county has made 3 craigslist prostitution arrests since the changes. So apparently some things are getting by craigslist’s crack staff of screeners. And by crack staff I mean they’re probably all on crack.

Meanwhile craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster keeps pointing the finger at Village Voice owned competitor backpage. It’s like he’s a child trying to blame his younger brother for something he’s done. While I’m no fan of backpage either I monitor the arrests made through backpage too and they have a long time to go to catch up to craigslist.