Bad Boyfriend found guilty in 2-year-old’s torture death

Man, 24, found guilty of tot’s torture death:

24-year-old Jose Maurice Castenada was found guilty yesterday in the beating and torture death of his then girlfriend’s 2-year-old son, Cesar Razo, in 2005.

In June of 2005 Castenada beat the boy after he woke Castenada from the nap with his crying. Castenada beat the boy in front of the boy’s mother and sister and their roommates in their Escondido, California home. At that time the boy was unresponsive and when taken to a hospital it was claimed that the boy fell from a swing. An autopsy revealed a history of abuse with over 200 bruises on the boy’s body among other injuries. The coroner said that Cesar died from two sever blows. One to his internal organs and another to his skull and brain.

It’s also believed that Castenada had been torturing the boy for 10 months using hangers, cable wire, belts and a yellow cord to beat him while keeping the boy in a small dark closet.

The boys mother testified against Castenada. 27-year-old Maria Razo pleaded guilty back in 2007 to voluntary manslaughter and child abuse and prosecutors dropped a torture charge against her. she’s expected to serve 16 years and will be sentenced in August.

Castenada is looking at the death penalty and could be sentenced today.

Thanks to Sith Snoopy for the tip.