Man arrested for tattooing his son, this is not a repeat

Dad Charged With Tattooing 3-Year-Old Son:

24-year-old Eugene Ashley of Rome, Georgia was arrested for tattooing his own 3-year-old son. Ashley tattooed the letters DB on his son’s shoulder. The letters stood for Daddy’s Boy. I like how he got busted…

The tattoo was discovered by workers from the Department of Family and Childrens Services after someone complained about conditions at the Ashley home.

Ashley says he was drunk at the time and doesn’t remember what happened.

If you’re wondering where the mom was she says she wasn’t around when the tattooing happened.

Now the article doesn’t say if Ashley is a tattoo artist or not. I’m guessing not. That would mean that this may have been a homemade/prison tattoo which if I remember correctly is done with a sewing needle and India ink. I would imagine that would be twice as painful as a normal tattoo. And on a 3-year-old no less.