Kik child porn trader found images ‘unsettling’

Kik child porn trader found images 'unsettling'

Eugene Martinez

20-year-old Eugene Joseph Martinez, of Lubbock, Texas, has been apprehended by federal authorities for allegedly trading child porn online. Martinez claims he joined a child trading porn group on the mobile messaging app Kik, and found the images unsettling. However, that didn’t stop him from trading and collecting child porn. You would think that Kik would be the ones who turned Martinez into authorities, but they weren’t. It was the cloud storage company Dropbox that contacted investigators. Dropbox said the account that Martinez is believed to have used, contained over 300 explicit images of prepubescent children.

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Kik, really needs to rein in all the sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors that inhabit their platform. Back in the day, Yahoo Messenger used to have the same problem. While it took them years to finally get off their ass, Yahoo eventually got serious about shutting down chat rooms that were havens for predators and child porn. Kik needs to do that now, unless that’s all they want to be known for.