Friends say teen not the killer type

High School friends of accused mom describe couple as happy, loving:

This is an article about Jessica Carson, she of the hammer wielding exorcism beating death of her baby Amora Carson.

A news station in Texas interviewed some of her friends and guess what their reaction was. Let me paraphrase…“She was so nice, I can’t believe she was capable of this.” Kind of like how when neighbors find out that a serial killer was living next door and telling the news that he was the shy quiet type.

However her friends do say that there was a noticeable change in her personality in past few months.

Could this been a ‘perfect storm’ so to speak of two mentally ill individuals? Or could Blaine Milam have manipulated Carson into this? With his criminal past I’m still not convinced that this didn’t have something to do with it.

Hammer out the demons

Couple Accused of Beating Baby With Hammer to Rid Her of ‘Demons’:

Let me preface this by saying that I am proud to be a Christian. I believe in God. I believe Christ is the savior. However I also temper my faith with a healthy dose of reality. Unlike these people…

Teen Breeders Blaine Milam and Jessica Carson have been arrested in the beating death of Carson’s 13-month-old daughter Amora Bain Carson. They allegedly beat her to death to ‘rid her of demons’.

They originally told police that Amora was in a car accident, then they told them that she was attacked by dogs, then changed their story to that she hit herself in the head with a hammer.

Eventually they broke down and allegedly told police they were trying to rid the child of demons. But it doesn’t end there. They went to a pawn shop to get money for an exorcism after they killed Amora.

I don’t believe in demonic possession. In my religious upbringing I was always told by clergy that it was the stuff of movies. However even in all the legends and movies the exorcisms are usually performed while the subject is alive.

Milam had previously been sentenced to probation for sexually assaulting a child. Even though I don’t have the details of what happened then one has to wonder.