Stealing Tools

Denver baby beaten so badly mom “couldn’t even recognize” him; parents charged in death:

Speaking of tools those two tools are Travis Anderson and Crystal Eccleston of Denver, Colorado. He’s been charged with murder and she’s been charged with failure to seek treatment.

It’s alleged that Anderson beat their 20-day-old son so bad that his the boy’s own mother, Eccleston, didn’t even recognize him. However instead of taking the baby to the hospital she gave him a bath where he was non-responsive. Anderson on the other hand went out to steal some tools and then came home to look them up on the internet because apparently he didn’t know what he was stealing.

Seven hours later they took their baby to the hospital.

According to a probable cause statement, doctors at Children’s Hospital in Aurora who examined Sean Anderson when he arrived Dec. 15 said he had two skull fractures, profuse bleeding of the brain; bruises on the scalp; and what appeared to be burns on his face and foot.

Sean Anderson died four days later. Doctors had to remove a part of his skull to relieve the swelling of his brain.

Anderson and Eccleston are a lethal combination of evil and stupid.

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God helps those who helps themselves

Lasara couple charged with daughter’s death:

I make no bones I am a man of faith and a believer in Christ. However I am not stupid enough to rely on faith alone when someone is deathly ill. I am also a firm believer in Western medical science.

Apparently Maria de Jesus and Elias Coronado of Lasara, Texas don’t have all of the same beliefs I do. They’ve been charged with manslaughter for removing their 16-year-old daughter’s insulin pump saying that she had been healed by God. She just happened to need that insulin pump to live.

I just don’t understand why people seem to think that religion and medicine have to be mutually exclusive. Shouldn’t most of modern medicine be seen as gift from God?

My own mother is currently going through chemo treatment for a tumor and she is progressing wonderfully. I thank God everyday for the treatment she’s receiving from doctors.

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Homeopath sentenced for not getting daughter help

thesamsBaby Gloria Thomas’s parents Thomas and Manju Sam jailed for not getting proper medical help:

The couple pictured at left are Manju and Thomas Sam of Earlwood, new South Wales, Australia. Mr. Sam was a practicing homeopath, or as I like to call them quacks. Both of the Sams were sentenced to prison terms for failure to get their daughter medical treatment.

Their daughter, Gloria, died from an infection that could have been easily prevented in 2002. The girl had a case eczema that ended up being so bad that all the nutrients in her body went to fighting the eczema and left her severely malnourished. Now I hate to break the image of how sexy you all think I am but I have a slight case of eczema. You know how I treat it? I put some Sarna lotion on it and occasionally take some Benadryl. But I guess that was too many ‘chemicals’ or whatever these Luddites are afraid of to give to their daughter. So rather then getting their daughter medical help they stuck to their brand of quackery. Because I guess it’s better to have a dead daughter than to admit you’re wrong.

It’s jackasses like this that remind me of the people who refuse to get their kids vaccines because of some unfounded fear of autism. Vaccines don’t cause autism. Get your kid vaccinated.

If homeopathy is your bag that’s fine. As long as you temper it with actual medical science. And don’t forsake medicine at the sake of your kids lives.

Woman arrested in toddler’s scalding death

Toddler Dies After Being Scalded, Mother Arrested:

39 year old Yolanda Guadalupe Perez of La Quinta, California was arrested in the scalding death of her daughter, 3-year-old Delilah Urrutia. Perez originally claimed that the girl knocked over a pot of boiling water on herself. However it was later determined that Perez never sought medical treatment for her daughter and sent her to her room for ‘misbehaving’

Also an autopsy revealed that Delilah had other injuries from long term abuse.

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Girl would have lived if man called 911

Girl might have lived:

According to this article it seems that 23-year-old Matthew Roland of Waccasassa, Florida beat his 4-year-old daughter, Kristina Hepp, within an inch of her life. I say within an inch because if someone had called 911 to get her medical attention she would have lived. Folds didn’t call because he didn’t want to go to jail for child abuse. I guess going to jail for first-degree murder is so much better.

Roland’s live in vagina, 19-year-old Chelci Rae Folds, (Chelci? Really? Stripper name.) has been charged with child neglect. She didn’t call 911 either.

Oh and surprise of surprises they live in a trailer. I wouldn’t be surprised if Roland had pit bulls that he treated better than his own daughter.

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On the run cancer mom: Good parent or PBB?

Arrest ordered for mom of 13yo boy resisting chemo:

Ok Breeder Readers, it’s debate time.

As I’m sure you know by now Colleen Hauser of Minnesota is on the run after being court ordered to get medical help for her 13-year-old son Daniel Hauser. Daniel has Hodgkins lymphoma which is highly curable under the care of a physician.

Daniel only underwent one round of chemotherapy. His parents then sought other opinioons and the other doctors told them the same thing as the original diagnosis. Not getting the answer they were looking for apparently Daniel’s parents started treating Daniel with natural alternatives.

Colleen Hauser testified at the earlier hearing that her son “is not in any medical danger.” She said she had been treating his cancer with herbal supplements, vitamins, ionized water, and other natural alternatives.

However the doctors who have examined Daniel say his cancer is getting worse. Danie;’s court appointed attorney says that Daniel has diminished capacity because he can’t read and because of his age.

Now, the Hauser’s are claiming that they’re not treating Daniel for religious reasons yet they’re Roman Catholic. I’m Roman Catholic, so was my father. He was treated for cancer on multiple occasions. My dad was a hardcore Catholic too. If it was against the church doctrine my dad would have died when I was 10.

The religion she’s claiming is the Nemenhah Band which the article describes as a Missouri-based religious group that believes in natural healing methods advocated by some American Indians.

Daniel claims to be an elder in the band, but does not know what that means. Daniel also says he is a medicine man under Nemenhah teachings but can’t say how he became a medicine man or what teachings he has had to become one.

And now that the court has ordered the Hausers to get reasonable care for their son Collen Hauser has taken Daniel on the run.

I’m all for religious freedom as long as it doesn’t put someone’s life at risk and that’s exactly what Colleen Hauser is doing. Her son could be cancer free but since she believes in some wacky new age philosophy she’s using her cancer ridden son to make a point that’s going to get him killed.

If you’re one of those people who believes in ‘natural’ treatments over medical science and you’re offended over what I said then I’m glad and I don’t care that you’re offended.

So what say you PBB faithful. Good mom or dangerous idiot?

Australian boy died from ear infection in house full of crap

The definition of crap is up to you…

Sick boy died in Adelaide house of squalor:

In October of 2006 10-year-old Jarrad Roberts of Adelaide, South Australia was taken to a health clinic with a fever, pain in his neck and bleeding from his ear. The clinic said he had an ear infection for five days and they recommended he be taken immediately to the hospital. Instead Jarrad’s birth organism took him home and gave him antibiotics which I would lay odds were prescribed for something not even remotely related to an ear infection. Jarrad collapsed minutes later. He died only a few hours later at the hospital.

When police and the coroner went to investigate the house you can pretty much guess what they found. The house was filled with garbage, rotting food, and feces. You can get all the nasty details in the article. I won’t go into them because I just ate.

An inquest has been launched by Australian officials into why Jarrad did not receive proper medical treatment.

I can save the Australian taxpayers a lot of money. The reason he didn’t receive proper medical treatment is because his so-called mother is an unfeeling idiot. Bleeding from the ear is usually a sign that something is gravely wrong. And how can someone who claims to be a parent leave their child in pain for five days like that?

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Child dies of cancer but dog gets flea dip

Parents Charged With Ignoring Cancer-Stricken Son’s Pleas for Treatment:

The parents of 8-year-old Willie Robinson of Cleveland, Ohio have been indicted on involuntary manslaughter charges in Willie’s March 2008 death.

It seems that Willie had Hodgkin’s lymphoma which is one of if not the most treatable form of cancer. Willie begged his Breeders, William Robinson Sr. and Monica Hussing, to take him to a doctor but they refused.

They claim they didn’t have the money to take him to a doctor but had no problems spending $87 to get their dog a flea dip. Guess what kind of dog it was. That’s right, a pit bull. And people wonder why I think that mostly trashy people own pit bulls.

Think about that for a second. These lowlifes cared more for a pit bull than they did their own cancer stricken son.

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Mo. man accused of raping daughter and fathering the children

Babies’ Bodies Found In Coolers; Man Charged:

Babies’ Remains Found In Coolers:

Man charged with incest, murder after infant remains are found in Cass County

It seems that Missouri has it’s own little version of Josef Fritzl and his name is Danial M. Rinehart.

The 47-year-old waste of carbon from Harrisonville, Missouri has been arrested not only for raping his own teenage daughter but for also for fathering four children with her. But it doesn’t end there.

Rinehart had been having sex with his daughter since she was 13. She’s 19 now.

The first child was born in March of 2004 while the family lived in Oklahoma. The baby died that July. The girl, her sisters and her mother, Linda Rinehart, all buried the baby in a box that was sealed with silicone.

In 2005 the girl gave birth to a boy in a truck while both Rineharts helping to deliver the baby. Linda Rinehart even cut the umbilical cord. This happened while the family was living in Hendersonville. The child is still alive and has been placed in care of the state.

In 2006 the girl gave birth to her third child. Again both of the girls Breeders helped deliver the baby. This time Grampa Daddy got to cut the cord. I’m sure he was so proud. That child died in early 2007. No medical treatment was ever sought. When he died the girl and Rinehart buried the baby under their dirt floored garage. The girl moved the body when it was understood that investigators were interested in the family.

The fourth child was born in April of last year inside of a camper. It was stillborn. After Rinehart helped deliver the baby they put the baby in a cooler and sealed it with silicone and put it behind the RV where the third child’s body was moved to. Rinehart claims he gave the child CPR but again sought no medical attention.

Again I am just aghast at the thought processes of the main perpetrators. Rinehart gets it in his head that he’s going to have sex with his teenage daughter and his wife, the girl’s mother, allows it. Did she think there was no problem with that or was she so subservient to her husband she dare not question him and to stay with him for years and never try and contact law enforcement. Not to mention she assisted in the cover up. Linda Rinehart has also been arrested. She told police she was aware of the ‘relationship’ and was even jealous of it yet she still chose to do nothing.

As much as I’m a proponent of the death penalty killin’ is too good for this scumbag, as the saying goes. This assclown need to be studied to see what makes his brain tick in the most inhumane way possible.

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