19-year-old charged with Tumblr child porn

19-year-old Faribault man faces child porn charges from posting on Tumblr:


19-year-old Zachary David Woodward of Faribault, Minnesota has been charged with allegedly having child porn on his Tumblr blog that he either liked or reblogged. Tumblr reported this activity to the NCMEC who in turn informed local police.

when questioned Woodward supposedly said that he didn’t know how the child porn got on his Tumblr account and that he hadn’t used the account since March and thought he deleted his account. Except that police found the Tumblr app on his phone and it had been logged into recently to which Woodward replied that he didn’t know how ‘that stuff’ got on his phone.

I’m surprised he didn’t go to the old stand by of claiming he was hacked.

It is good to see that Tumblr is taking this seriously by working with the NCMEC but it’s also sad to see that this is going on within a site that is so popular with kids.

UPDATE 5/31/2014: Woodward was only sentenced to 120 days in jail and has to complete a ‘program’. This will surely stop re-offenders. Yeah, right.