All aboard the karma train. Next stop: France

Fugitive Commits Suicide In French Jail:

The other day I told you about Paul Goldman who killed his mistress then fled to France. The French government then told the US that we couldn’t have him back unless we took the death penalty off the table. Well, it seems that Mr. Goldman resolved the situation himself by taking his own miserable life in a French jail cell. Kind of fitting that he took the cowards way out in France.

Another Reason to Hate France

France to Extradite U.S. Murder Suspect :

Just like in the Ira Einhorn case once again France refused extradition of an American suspect until the US took the death penalty off the table. Paul Goldman stabbed his mistress Fay Zonis seven times and left her to bleed to death. He then confessed the crime to his wife who helped him escape prosecution by helping him get to France. As far as I’m concerned Goldman deserves the death penalty. But now since he fled to France the French government wouldn’t extradite him until the Bucks County, PA prosecutors promised not to seek the death penalty. Not only should the French have no right to tell us how to prosecute our criminals it sets a dangerous precedent. You can kill as many people as you want. If you get caught just flee to France and you won’t be put to death. Leave it to the French government to surrender to every criminal that cross their borders.