Feces and twins in Idaho

Two generations of fail

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Breeder Elizabeth C. Crossley, 26, and GrandBreeder Ruth K. Cassidy, were arrested after Crossley’s 2-year-old twin girls were found by police caked in feces. As was the rest of the house, except the bedrooms of the alleged adults. The twins were found naked and covered in scrapes and bruises. Of course being the Breeder she is Crossley allegedly blamed the children saying they hurt each other and couldn’t keep their clothes on. The only thing she could come up with about the girls being covered in crap was that they were ‘trouble and difficult to manage.’

You have two so called adults in the house and you can’t handle two 2-year-old girls to the point where there’s shit all over the house and all over your kids? That’s not can’t handle, that’s won’t handle.

Let’s not forget the exposed heaters and electrical outlets too. Makes me wonder if they gave the kids forks and let them poke around in the wires.

The girls’ room was set up where not only would it be difficult for them to get out but was also arranged where they couldn’t bang on the door. You know, like someone who wants out.

According to a woman who baby sat them Crossley supposedly kept the kids locked up in their room unless it was time to feed them and then it was back to their room, or of course if WIC came to visit.

There is absolutely no possible defense for this. This is nothing more than two white trash slags that obviously didn’t give a shit (no pun intended) about these two girls.

I wonder if this is how slag the elder raised her daughter.

Thanks to Leigh for the tip.

Child found covered in feces: This is not a repeat

Mother arrested after toddler tests positive for drugs:

Sharpie Eyebrows over there is 20-year-old Sara Jerz of Salt Lake City. Back in August police say they found her 19-month-old daughter home alone and covered in feces. Again, no word if they were human or animal. Anyway at the time of finding the girl police said her breath smelled like alcohol.

Well the toxicology report came back and it wasn’t alcohol at all. Instead the girl had cocaine and amphetamines in her system. And by amphetamines I’m going to assume it was meth.

The decline of American civilization continues unabated as I fear that good parents are slowly being outnumbered by garbage like this.

Thanks to Christie for the tip.

Meth smoking Breeders put baby in freezer

Chandler father accused of placing baby son in freezer:

Police: Chandler Man Puts Baby In Freezer:

Police in Chandler, Arizona arrested Leann and Chance Cracke, nice name, for injuring their 7-month-old son. It seems that Mr. Methe…I mean Cracke was tweaking on meth and was hungry and didn’t want to put the baby on the dirty floor. We’ll get to the floor in a second. So instead of putting the baby down he put him on the bottom shelf of the freezer. I’m guessing that whenever he found some food to put in his meth riddled body he forgot about the baby and closed the freezer door. After a few minutes the Breeders heard the baby crying and got him out. The boy was said to have a bump and a cut from the freezer door. Police were called by the boy’s maternal grandmother.

Now back to the floor. The reason the floor was dirty was because it was covered in c*ckroaches, urine and the pre-requisite feces. No word yet if the feces was dog or human. There was also a rusty razor blade just laying around along with several open containers of tobacco spit.

The Breeders’ 19-month-old daughter was also removed from the house because of burns and bruises found on her.

The Crackes allegedly admitted to smoking meth every day for a month and a half.

I still can’t comprehend why scum that have children would inject this toxic substance into their bodies. You would think with two young children they already weren’t getting enough sleep.

Thanks to Susan for the tip.

Actual Breeders busted for filthy home

And by actual I mean unlicensed and amateur but I digress.

Couple Arrested For Child, Animal Neglect:

Newburg couple charged with child neglect; animals removed from home:

Newburg Couple Charged With Child Neglect, Mistreatment of Animals:

34-year-old Carrie L. Rohde-Smith and her 25-year-old husband Jason C. Smith of Newburg, Wisconsin have been arrested on child and animal neglect charges.

Six children lived in the home ages 16, 15, 12, 10, 2 and 1. I’m hoping that some of those are not with her 25-year-old husband. The three youngest were said to be filthy and removed from the home.

The home had dirty clothes in the laundry room piled high to the ceiling with urine and feces covering the kitchen floor. No word on if they were animal or human because they could be both.

The pair also allegedly were breeding dogs though without a license and the dogs were said to be covered in urine. Again not known if the urine was human or animal. No word on the breed of the dogs but they have been removed from the home. Investigators say the dog breeding operation was a puppy mill.

Neighbors, who live in fear of the Smiths, say that both the children and the animals were not treated properly…

“He was a nasty person,” said one neighbor who asked not to be identified of Jason Smith. She maintained that Smith treated both animals and children poorly.

“It was nasty,” she said. “I saw him grab them, throw them in his car. I heard the yelping. I heard the screaming.”

The sad part is that they’ve been only charged with misdemeanors.

You know, from personal experience just about every person I’ve ever met who said that they were going to breed dogs usually bred a certain trashy breed of dog and they usually ended up failing at the business or got in legal trouble. Leave the dog breeding to the trained professionals.

Still no licensing required to breed children.

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A sock full of rice

Police: Stepson beaten, burned and not allowed to eat:

27-year-old Jaime B. Day and 30-year-old Murray Day of Calcasieu Parish in Louisiana have been arrested and held on millions of dollars of bail for severely abusing Murray Day’s 9-year-old son.

The boy was starved to the point where he was 38 pounds. He was allegedly tied to a door knob with a dog leash. He was forced to watch the rest of the family eat. The boy allegedly became so hungry that he would eat his own feces.

Also the boy was burned with a rice sock that was obviously overheated.

Sometimes I joke, but not in the ha ha way, that there is some kind of underground child abuse ‘fight club’ who compete with each other to come up with a new and creative ways to abuse a child. The rice sock is a new one to me.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

Conn. Breeders deprive kids of food

Police: Parents Withheld Food From Children:

It seems that Connecticut is battling Oklahoma for the “favorite” state of PBB. Maybe we should start a rating system ala News of Doom style.

This time we go to Montville, Connecticut where a Breeder and Step-Breeder have been arrested. Christine (breeder) and John Berkery (Step-Breeder) have been arrested for depriving the two children in the house of food and various other neglect charges.

Police say the couple rationed food for the 14 and 1-year-old girls. They were turned in by the girls’ aunt who said…

“Christine and John started locking up the more expensive food and snacks. Only canned foods were left out for them. They were only given specific time periods that they could eat.”

And it just wouldn’t be a story without feces wouldn’t it. Not animal this time however the 14-year-old allegedly told police that she once found the 1-year-old in an overflowing diaper playing with her own feces.

Again with these stories they should report what kind of electronic equipment was in the house and how much alcohol was in the fridge.

And again I’m always amazed that the universe is so bent that two abusers like this could find each other.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Toddler left out in the snow

Toddler found wandering in the cold
Mom & boyfriend face charges:

With the recent spate of bitter cold weather that most of the country has been experiencing most people are bundling up there kids and making sure they’re safe out in the snow. Not 22-year-old Kristin Patraw and her main man Rudolph McNeil. They are accused of letting Patraw’s 21-month-old daughter out of their site where she wandered barefoot into the snow in Waterbury, Connecticut. The temperature at the time was 27 F.

Patraw reportedly left her daughter with her grandmother on New Year’s Eve. At some point the grandmother left the child with Patraw’s boyfriend because she had to go to work.

When police found McNeil they say he was asleep with a bottle of vodka by his side. Patraw allegedly went to grandma’s house to get the baby but when she wasn’t there she went back to sleep.

Police also say that living conditions were deplorable and yes there were animal feces.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Woman puts feces in special needs child’s feeding tube

Mom Taints Child’s Feeding Tube with Feces: Police:

Austin police: Woman put feces in child’s IV feeding tube:

Mother charged with feeding 3-year-old feces:

Say hello to the new face of Münchhausen by Proxy Syndrome. I mean that’s the only way i can explain why this happened.

Anyway that’s 23-year-old Emily McDonald of Austin, Texas. She was arrested for placing feces in the IV feeding tube of her 3-year-old daughter was in the hospital being treated for infections. Oddly enough doctors determined that those infections had been caused by the child being fed fecal matter.

When doctors figured out what was causing the infections they had a camera placed in the girl’s room. That’s when they allegedly caught McDonald putting fecal matter from the girl’s diaper into the IV tube. When arrested McDonald said she knew that the fecal matter would make the girl sick and knew that it could potentially kill her.

So what leads me to my totally unqualified diagnosis of MBP. Well it seems she constantly blogged about her kids medical conditions and frequented various parenting forums. While that’s not entirely indicative of MBP when you put the two together it kind of does. I’m not going to post links to the blog or the forums to protect the girl’s identity.

Also in my 9 years of blogging I’ve done some other posts about women who poisoned their kids who were believed to have had MBP that all used the same thing to poison their kids, human feces.

So Breeder Readers, I pose yet another question to you. Is Münchhausen by Proxy Syndrome a legitimate psychological disorder or are these birth organisms just being attention whores?

Thanks to Michelle, Melissa and Kathryn for the tips.