Toddlers kept in cages, but there’s more to the story

Toddlers kept in cages, but there's more to the story

A 38-year-old mother of 5, Malista Ness-Hopkins, was released on bail September 12 after having been arrested for five felony counts of child abuse on July 28. The children, ages 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, were removed from the home by Accomack County Social Services in response to a complaint made about the home. Social workers found the 2- and 3-year-old children in cribs with makeshift tops screwed onto them. The home was said to be filthy, infested with bugs, and reeking of urine. The children were also reported to be dirty and covered with insect bites.

Usually, I would be totally unsympathetic toward any parent who treated their children this way and who lived in such deplorable conditions, but something struck me differently in this case.

First, Ms. Ness-Hopkins’ attorney told the court she was an overwhelmed single mother, which is easy to believe, with 5 children in the home ranging from 1 to 6 years old. Probably at least 3 of them were in diapers or pull-ups, which would be enough to overwhelm any parent, single or not.

Second, one sentence in the story spoke volumes to me–the young (age 33) father of some of the children died unexpectedly in May of 2016. This most likely left Ms. Ness-Hopkins depressed, grieving, alone, etc. She reportedly was a college student who made honor roll in 2010, so her issues are not due to lack of intelligence, but probably more due to depression and isolation. With no reports being made until the oldest child was 6, apparently she was able to care for them adequately until July of this year. That’s after over a year of trying to do it all on her own while dealing with the grief of losing the father to her kids. Cut her some slack, maybe.

The judge who granted bail did so on the condition she gets a mental health evaluation and follows any treatment recommendations.

The Virginia child abuse hotline number is 800-552-7096.

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Spider eggs in a toddler's hair

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Secoy Koch-Miller

Wisconsin woman accused of raising kids in squalor:

Burnett woman charged with child neglect:

I admit, I’m still trying to lose some post-pregnancy weight, so losing my appetite after reading about this case isn’t a big loss. However, the details leave me feeling infuriated and wondering how anyone could be so devoid of any sympathy and compassion, especially for their own offspring.

Okay. On to the story.

25-year-old Secoy S. Koch-Miller of Burnett, WI is the “mother” of two boys, ages 2 months and 2 years. The baby daddy of the infant, while in jail, reported to detectives that when he had been at the home of Koch-Miller, the residency seemed uninhabitable. Articles don’t state the reason for his jail sentence, but we do know he had at least enough sense to report the squalor.

Detectives then spoke with human services, and the case worker, familiar with Koch-Miller, stated she had visited the home beforehand but was always denied entrance. Hmm…I wonder why.

Luckily, baby daddy’s statement was enough to get a warrant, and officers and the case worker entered the home last November. What they found was extremely deplorable.

The craptastic home was filled with so much junk, that some rooms were blocked off due to the sheer volume of stuff that had been hoarded.

According to one article, “the kitchen contained several dirty dishes, dead flies and other bugs and cat feces. The inside of the refrigerator and freezer was covered in black mold, maggots and decayed food. There was cold water, but no hot water, and the bathroom had only a toilet. The pipes for the shower and bath appeared to have been cut off. The toilet did not appear to be working.”

Yup, the toilet wasn’t working because the septic tank was too full.

Upon examination of the children, the 2-year-old was found to weigh only 20 pounds. That’s not a huge surprise considering what had been found in the fridge. The poor boy had bug bites all over his body, a bruised eye, and had spiders and spider eggs in his hair. (The thought of the little guy like that makes me want to cry!) To make horrific matters worse, he also had a respiratory and ear infection that required antibiotics.

The infant, on the other hand, was found in better condition, growing at a “more normal rate.”

Fortunately, the children were placed in foster care and the toddler has gained weight.

Koch-Miller was charged with neglecting a child causing bodily harm, a felony, and neglecting a child, a misdemeanor. An initial court appearance is scheduled for March 10th.

And as far as the home is concerned, Burnett town leaders are considering the condemning the building. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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Drunk Ind. Breeder leaves kid in cold car naked

Brittany Hazelwood

Court: Drunk mom leaves nude kid in cold car:

Mom Arrested After Children Found In Freezing Car:

Police in Fishers, Indiana arrested 24-year-old Brittany Hazelwood for allegedly leaving her two children in the car, one of them naked, while it was 36 degrees outside. Police say that Hazlewood was drunk off her ass and almost passed out inside the house. The kids were said to have been in the car outside the house for 40 minutes. Hazlewood’s BAC was said to be .19.

The other Breeder of the pair came home while police were at the house and guess what. He was drunk too with a mighty .21 BAC. That’s almost 3 times the legal limit.

And to top it all off police say that the home was filthy with trash and open food.

Now as far as I can tell Hazlewood was not charged with DUI however if the kids were in the car in the driveway and she was inside passed out I’m going to assume that the kids didn’t drive themselves there which means that Hazlewood earned herself the #7 spot on the BB BAC Board.

And yet again we have a story where two Breeders are more concerned with getting their drink on then cleaning the house or caring for their children.

I wonder if the Breeders went to the same bar for both of them to get drunk and did they take the kids in the bar with them.

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Meth smoking Breeders put baby in freezer

Chandler father accused of placing baby son in freezer:

Police: Chandler Man Puts Baby In Freezer:

Police in Chandler, Arizona arrested Leann and Chance Cracke, nice name, for injuring their 7-month-old son. It seems that Mr. Methe…I mean Cracke was tweaking on meth and was hungry and didn’t want to put the baby on the dirty floor. We’ll get to the floor in a second. So instead of putting the baby down he put him on the bottom shelf of the freezer. I’m guessing that whenever he found some food to put in his meth riddled body he forgot about the baby and closed the freezer door. After a few minutes the Breeders heard the baby crying and got him out. The boy was said to have a bump and a cut from the freezer door. Police were called by the boy’s maternal grandmother.

Now back to the floor. The reason the floor was dirty was because it was covered in c*ckroaches, urine and the pre-requisite feces. No word yet if the feces was dog or human. There was also a rusty razor blade just laying around along with several open containers of tobacco spit.

The Breeders’ 19-month-old daughter was also removed from the house because of burns and bruises found on her.

The Crackes allegedly admitted to smoking meth every day for a month and a half.

I still can’t comprehend why scum that have children would inject this toxic substance into their bodies. You would think with two young children they already weren’t getting enough sleep.

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“They said they couldn’t help themselves.”

Cops: Marietta girls rescued from filthy, insect-ridden home:

Those two troglodytes are James and Anne Cardona of Marietta, Georgia. I’m not positive that they’re not brother and sister but let’s go with they’re only married for right now.

They’ve been arrested on felony child abuse charges after their kids, ages 5 and 4, were removed from their roach, mold and giant spider infested home.

The 5-year-old had head lice so large that you could see the lice and the 4-year-old was found in a urine soaked diaper. However that’s not the worst of it.

The 5-year-old girl weighed 158 pounds while the 4-year-old weighed 120 pounds.

When the Cardonas were advised by family to clean the place up “They said they couldn’t help themselves.”

Are you fucking kidding me? You can always help yourself. It doesn’t take too much to clean your house or at least pick up after yourself.

Oh and of course the kids were homeschooled. I’ve got nothing against homeschooling but I doubt these two could school anyone. It’s obvious the only thing they were schooling the kids in was on how to be morbidly obese.

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Actual Breeders busted for filthy home

And by actual I mean unlicensed and amateur but I digress.

Couple Arrested For Child, Animal Neglect:

Newburg couple charged with child neglect; animals removed from home:

Newburg Couple Charged With Child Neglect, Mistreatment of Animals:

34-year-old Carrie L. Rohde-Smith and her 25-year-old husband Jason C. Smith of Newburg, Wisconsin have been arrested on child and animal neglect charges.

Six children lived in the home ages 16, 15, 12, 10, 2 and 1. I’m hoping that some of those are not with her 25-year-old husband. The three youngest were said to be filthy and removed from the home.

The home had dirty clothes in the laundry room piled high to the ceiling with urine and feces covering the kitchen floor. No word on if they were animal or human because they could be both.

The pair also allegedly were breeding dogs though without a license and the dogs were said to be covered in urine. Again not known if the urine was human or animal. No word on the breed of the dogs but they have been removed from the home. Investigators say the dog breeding operation was a puppy mill.

Neighbors, who live in fear of the Smiths, say that both the children and the animals were not treated properly…

“He was a nasty person,” said one neighbor who asked not to be identified of Jason Smith. She maintained that Smith treated both animals and children poorly.

“It was nasty,” she said. “I saw him grab them, throw them in his car. I heard the yelping. I heard the screaming.”

The sad part is that they’ve been only charged with misdemeanors.

You know, from personal experience just about every person I’ve ever met who said that they were going to breed dogs usually bred a certain trashy breed of dog and they usually ended up failing at the business or got in legal trouble. Leave the dog breeding to the trained professionals.

Still no licensing required to breed children.

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Passed out in your own vomit and urine is no way to go through life

Harrison Mom Accused Of Child Endangerment:

Harrison Mom Ordered To Stay Away From Children:

Police in Harrison, Ohio went to the home of 21 year old Jessica Reese to perform a welfare check. It’s a good thing they did because they found Reese passed out in her own vomit and urine. Also there were her 1 and 2-year-old children. The conditions in the house were called deplorable. No word if dog feces were found but the house did have exposed wiring allegedly.

Her attorney said that Reese was like this because of some ‘medication’ and that Reese’s dad was home at the time but was asleep. Oh ok, then. That makes it all better. Some lawyers really sicken me.

Did the medication and dad sleeping also cause the conditions of house and the exposed wiring?

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No time to clean

No that’s not Dave Mustaine. That’s 26-year-old Brandy Lee Stiles of Summerville, Florida. She was busted on neglect charges for having a filthy home with her two daughters ages 3 and 6.

The house contained garbage, roaches, spiders, spoiled food and yes the always ever present dog feces.

Stiles allegedly said that the home was that way because she did not have time to clean. I wonder which activity it was that she did in fact have time for.

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Of chickens and cattle

Pasco couple arrested on child neglect charges in filthy home:

You got to love it when a story starts out like this…

The 2-year-old boy on Saturday morning wandered outside his house alone, through a field with livestock roaming and climbed over a cattle gate, authorities said.

Guess where mom was. That’s right 29-year-old Tanya Faye Dykas was at home asleep. When police got the boy home they found what may be a record breaking filthy home.

A 7-year-old was found outside in only shoes. A 5-year-old in only underwear. The windows were covered in boards. There were trails of feces leading from the toilet to all over the house. The toilet had not been flushed in days. The prerequisite feces were all over the place. But here’s where the record gets broken…

Chicken feces were found inside a room where one of the children was allowed to keep his show chickens.

That’s right kids. Since I have taken over PBB this is the first time I can recall that chicken feces were found in a home.

And let’s go for another record. These Breeders actually admit that they’re lazy…

Tanya Faye Dykas, 29, told a deputy and a child protection investigator that she didn’t know the boy had wandered off because she had been sleeping.

Justin Dykas told investigators that he has asked the kids to pick up after themselves but they refuse and he’s tired and doesn’t feel like doing anything when he comes home from his job at Publix.

For those of you who may not know Publix is a supermarket chain in Florida.

Both Breeders are being held in the Land O’ Lakes Jail which as I’ve said before is made out of butter.

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Chained to a weight machine

Police arrest two in squalid home; woman found chained to machine:

I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

Police in Kenosha, Wisconsin received a call from a man who said his mother wouldn’t let him see his own 2-year-old son.

When police got there it was something out of a horror movie with no hyperbole this time.

The child was found strapped in a car seat with a diaper that ghad not been changed for days.

Also a 38-year-old woman was found chained to a weight machine with a rusty chain, wearing only a tshirt, covered in her own waste. She is said to be mentally handicapped and only weighed 60lbs.

That woman was the daughter of 56-year-old Sally M. Adams who was arrested on abuse charges. I guess this makes her a two generation Breeder.

At what point does someone think “You know it would be a great idea to chain my handicapped daughter to weight machine and let her crap all over herself”?

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