Kids who lived in bus didn’t even know their own ages

Five children living in ‘deplorable’ conditions removed from Jonesborough house, bus; two adults arrested:

Robert H. Simons III, 53, and Mary E. Tittle, 37, of Jonesborough, TN were arrested when their 5 kids were found living in deplorable conditions in a bus. Not a van, not an RV, not a school bus, not even a trailer, nor were they the Partridge Family. An honest to God cross country bus.

No dog or rat feces this time. There didn’t need to be as the kids were using the yard the bus was parked on as their bathroom.

The kids range in ages from 7 t0 13 had never been to school, could not read or write and had no concept of days, dates or ages.

One girl is suffering renal failure because of an untreated rat bite and may need a kidney transplant.

The reason they were in Tennessee was because they had left Pennsylvania after CPS there got on to them for not sending their kids to school.

I haven’t heard yet why they never sent their kids to school but I would lay odds that it’s some crackpot tin foil hat laden conspiracy theory or some whacked out misinterpreted religious reason.

Thanks to Winnie for the tip.