A real massage therapist weighs in

I got the following e-mail from a legitimate massage therapist. You know the ones. The ones with licenses that don’t give happy endings that usually work in an actual spa and not just some place that calls itself a spa when it’s in a rundown hole in the wall in the seedy part of town. Anyway this massage therapist has a beef with craigslist…

What bugs me about all the articles about craigslist is that they don’t encourage the public to flag illegal ads! As a massage therapist, hookers on craigslist give my profession a bad name. Please start encouraging people to flag these illegal ads, if we all work together we can reduce these ads! Hell, at least it’s better than doing nothing!

Oh believe me MT, I do recommend that. However for every action there’s an equal an opposite reaction. If anyone ever comes out and publicly claims they flag ads the hookers and whoremongers start a harassment campaign.

But as long as everyone stays quiet about it I think we could theoretically get something accomplished.

If everyone reading this went to their local craigslist and started flagging just a few illegal ads in the erotic services section maybe we could actually get craigslist’s attention on this.