In a stunning upset your winner and NEW champion: Flint, Mich.


Camden Named 2nd Most Dangerous City in America:

I thought Camden, New Jersey would have been a lock to ‘win’ the not so prestigious title of America’s most dangerous city. After coming in 2nd to last year’s champion, St. Louis, Camden went on to lay off half of its police and firemen. As expected crime skyrocketed in an already crime plagued city.

The only time I’ve ever been to Michigan was a layover in the Detroit airport but if Flint is ranked higher than Camden it must really be a pit.

Adoptive Breeder charged in death of quadriplegic daughter

Mother charged in death of quadriplegic girl:

Adoptive mom charged with murder of quadriplegic Flint girl, 9:

40-year-old Lorrie Thomas of Flint, Michigan was the aunt and adoptive mother of 9-year-old Shylea Myza Thomas.

Shylea was quadriplegic due to a suffocation issue that happened when she was only 3-weeks-old. Her biological mother abandoned her early on and no one is sure what happened to her.

Lorrie Thomas was arrested last week accused of abusing and murdering Shylea. An anonymous relative called DHS concerned about Shylea. Investigators eventually found her emaciated body in a storage unit inside a trash bag filled with moth balls. Her body was said to have untreated bed sores and bones sticking through the skin and she only weighed 33 pounds at the time of her death. It’s believed that Thomas would deny Shylea food as well.

Lorrie Thomas lived in a filthy residence with her penis and 7 kids. She’s also been charged with evidence tampering and welfare fraud in this case so I’m guessing she kept cashing the checks after Shylea was dead.

Thanks to vegasgirl for the tip.